2019 CSP District-Conversion Subgrantee

Centerpoint Academy of Agriculture & Skilled Trades

Centerpoint School District recently announced a new charter school program called Centerpoint Academy of Agriculture and Skilled Trades. Funded by some major grants, this new initiative launches in August of this year.

U.S. Department of Education to award multi-million grant to fund Arkansas district-conversion & open-enrollment charter schools

APSRC Charter Schools Program Grant Objectives

  • To increase the number of high-quality district-conversion and open-enrollment charter schools with an emphasis on those that serve educationally disadvantaged students

  • To improve student outcomes, particularly where educationally disadvantaged students are concerned

  • To disseminate best practices


APSRC Charter Schools Program Subgrants are competitive grants for the purpose of funding startup and expansion activities, including planning and implementation and costs. Applicants must apply for all funding as a part of this grant.

Grant awards may last up to three (3) total years (or 36 months) inclusive of planning and implementation periods. The planning period for successful applicants will begin on the date that an application was approved by the CSP Selection Committee. The planning period ends June 30, of the fiscal year prior to the fiscal school year in which the school intends to open (i.e., for schools opening in 2019-20, the planning period ends June 30, 2019. For schools opening in 2020-21, the planning period ends on June 30, 2020). The implementation period begins July 1, of the school year in which the charter intends to open. Supplemental funds are available for schools that serve greater than sixty percent educationally disadvantaged students.

Planning Subgrants = $100,000

Implementation Subgrants = $525,000

Supplemental Funding = $625,000