Standards and Grading Info


I try to put in assignment scores in Synergy within a week, whether a student has turned it in or not. Sometimes that will mean an assignment is blank and waiting on me to put a grade in. If there is a 0, the assignment was NOT turned in, and students should submit as soon as possible and/or see me to set a new due date and get help. Papers can take some time to grade, but smaller assignments are usually graded within the week. The best way to check on grades is in Student Vue or Parent Vue. Also, feel free to email me with questions. 

English 1/2: Grades are given for practicing skills (formative assessments) and for testing those skills (summative assessments). Most summative assessments in English are papers. Grades are weighted so that 25% of the grade is from formative assessments and 75% is from summative assessments. 

9th Grade Inquiry: This class is about preparing the kids for high school. All assignments are formative. Assignments are not weighted although smaller assignments bear fewer points than bigger projects. 

Junior English: Revolutionary Voices: Assignments will be formative and summative. Formative assessments (practice) will be fewer points than summative assessments (mastery of skill/s). Summative assessments may be papers, projects, and tests. Research and argument are major skills that we focus on this year.