About Me

My Name Is Pam Garrett

Currently, I am a teacher at Franklin High School in Portland, Oregon. I teach Language Arts and 9th Grade Inquiry to freshman students and Creative Writing. I also help with the open mic activities on campus and am one of the members of the poetry slam committee. I've been teaching a long time, but I still have a lot to learn.

I enjoy reading and writing and playing my guitar in my spare time. I love live music and hanging out with my friends who also love live music. I love lifting weights, roller skating, walking my dog, and taking my kayak out to local rivers and lakes. Whenever I get a chance, I travel. My last trip out of country was a visit to Canada by train, but I have been all over the world in my travels. When I come home, there is always a wagging tail. Dog love. My current dog is a loveable pit mix named Gravy.

​My educational background is a degree in English from the University of Montevallo in Alabama. My Master's Degree is in education from University of Alabama in Birmingham. I have also taken many courses since then at universities all over California and a few in the Portland area. I regularly attend conferences and participate in Webinars in teaching writing and using technology in the classroom.

Feel free to contact me or follow me:

Email: pgarrett@pps.net


Twitter: @msgarrettonline

Instagram: msgarrettonline