SSR Page

Sustained silent reading time is a big part of CCE. This is an opportunity for you to read what you choose to read. You may not yet know what you like to read, but hopefully, you find it during this time. We will read for 15 minutes during the first class period of the week every week. If you miss class, you may read on your own. You may also read and fill out the form for async time. The more reading you do, the better you get at reading AND writing.


If you don't have anything to read at home, choose an article from this list to read.

1. There’s a war on books in prisons. It needs to end.

By Nila Bala in the Washington Post

2. How to teach teens about love, consent and emotional intelligence.

By Kristen Rae Lepore in KQED MindShift

3. Sometimes hiring the ‘best people’ leads to the least creative results. Here’s why.

By Scott E. Page in Aeon

18 New York Times Articles You Should Read Before You Turn 18 (2016)

*If you have any articles you would like to recommend for the list, please send me an email with the link. I will add to bonus points to your SSR grade if the article gets posted.