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Office of Approaches to Teaching and Professional Learning (includes resources, and contact information)

i.      Dyslexia FAQs

ii.      Professional Development

iii.      Structured Literacy Certification 

iv.      Ohio Dyslexia Committee

v.      Ohio’s Dyslexia Guidebook

vi.      Each Child Reads Grant

 i.      TGRG Guidance Manual

 ii.      Reading Achievement Plan

1.      Reading Achievement Plan Template and Guidance

a.      Reading Achievement Plan Template

b.      Reading Achievement Plan Guidance

2.      Reading Achievement Plan Overview Webinar

a.      Reading Achievement Plan Webinar (Oct. 10, 2017)

b.      Reading Achievement Plan Webinar PowerPoint (Oct. 10, 2017)

                                                           iii.      Reading Improvement and Monitoring Plan

1.      Intervention Video Series

a.      RIMP Intervention Information Webinar (September 2021)

b.      Explicit Instruction in Comprehension (9:33)

c.       Explicit Intervention in Decoding (6:30)

d.      Explicit Intervention in Phonemic Awareness (4:58)

e.      Explicit Intervention in Sight Word Recognition (8:07)

f.        Multi Modal Approach to Structured Literacy (1:57)

g.      Small Group Scaffolding of Complex Texts (5:44)

h.      Explicit Intervention in Vocabulary (6:49)

i.        Explicit Intervention in Fluency (7:04)

j.        Explicit Intervention in Communication/Language (4:49)

                                                           iv.      Reading Improvement Plan

1.      Reading Improvement Plan FAQ page

Office of Early Childhood and School Readiness

Links to the following program area webpages (which include resources, and contact information):

Office for Improvement and Innovation

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