Ms. Moseley's


Art Room!

Welcome to my Fine Arts room!

My name is Ms. Moseley. The kids call me Ms. Mo. I have lived in Tucson for the majority of my life. Art has been a strong influence in my life all the way back to elementary school. I am a strong supporter of the Arts as part of any school curriculum. I graduated from the University of Arizona (Go Cats!) with a double bachelors degree in Fine Arts and Art Education. I have been working proudly at AoT MS for six years and I consider it home. I love the kids that I work with and enjoy the artwork they make.

We draw, paint, create small sculptures, explore with multi-media and fiber arts, we paint murals, we design sets and props, and so much more. Students learn to be critical thinkers. We explore, experiment, and problem solve.

On this page you will find information about our supply list, Artsonia, and my syllabi. I even have a donation list if you want to help us out. The more materials we have, the more opportunities we have.

Use the menu to find your class to see just what we are up to!

Artsonia is an online student art museum where I can post photos of your child's artwork that can be viewed nation wide!

Everyone will receive an email from Artsonia to grant permission for artwork to be posted. Let me know if you need to have it resent or if you have an updated email.

Family members can become fans, post comments, and students can earn awards! All of this support gives meaning to your child's artwork.

Families can also order prints and keepsakes which earn money for our school. So far, we raised over $300.00 last school year with your help! I used this money to build new table tops for the art room that provide a large surface to meet our artistic needs.

Art Supply List

Required materials:

  • Sketchbook
    • Any size. No lined paper. Can be handmade or purchased.
  • 12 inch Ruler
    • Metal, wooden, or hard plastic. No bendy or slap rulers.
  • Colored pencils
    • 12 count for 5-6th grade
    • 24 count for 7-8th grade.
    • Do not purchase the erasable kind because they due not blend well.
  • Pencil sharpener
    • Colored pencils cannot be sharpened in classroom electric sharpener because they will burn out the motor.
  • Pencils
    • Mechanical and wooden offer different drawing results.
  • Eraser
    • Any kind will do, but white plastic erasures work the best.


  • Sharpies or felt tipped pens
  • Glue stick
  • Kneaded eraser
  • Paper blender (Tortillon)

The art room could always use donated material:

  • Hot glue sticks *
  • Large cereal boxes *
  • Scrap booking paper *
  • Fabric flowers*
  • Fabric
  • Ribbon
  • House paint

* most needed

Syllabi for my art classes.

Moseley 5th grd Art Syllabus 2017-18
Moseley 6th grd Art Syllabus 2017-18
Moseley Art Syllabus 2017-18
Moseley Set Design Syllabus 2017-18
Art Supply List 2018-19
Study Skills Contract
Project Rubric