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Kellee & Loralie

"Now I know what a healthy relationship looks like!"

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When Kellee came to A Mother’s Hope, pregnant and homeless, she was coming out of a string of unhealthy relationships. She had left her baby’s abusive father in search of safety and stability. Yet the past continued to creep into her life, triggering fear, frustration, and even anger at times. Kellee struggled with post-traumatic stress disorder and feelings of unworthiness. With practically no family support, she felt ill-equipped to face this pregnancy alone. Gratefully, her story does not end there.

After settling in, Kellee soon realized the value of the loving support from our staff, intensive case management, and counseling. Kellee could often be found talking to staff for hours at a time – receiving that authentic love she had yet to experience in her life. She began attending church weekly with the other residents and was invited to sing on the praise and worship team. As her healing progressed, Kellee was able to reconnect with her mother, finding hope in building a new supportive relationship with her. Her struggles did not get the best of her, as now Kellee is able to see her worth and her value for the first time in her life! She told A Mother’s Hope staff, “Now I know what a healthy relationship looks like!”

Kellee accomplished SO much during her time at A Mother’s Hope! Soon after she moved in, Kellee was accepted into a program through Parkview Health enabling her to obtain her CNA license and then a job at Parkview with a sustainable income. Kellee worked closely with our staff in developing a financial plan and was able to strategically pay off thousands of dollars of debt and raise her credit score substantially. All of this she accomplished before the birth of her baby!

Kellee was so excited to meet her baby girl! Her room at A Mother’s Hope was pink all over, decorated in anticipation of her daughter, Loralie's arrival. As a new mom, Kellee was unaware that Loralie had a condition that was not normal and prompt medical attention was necessary. At the advice of A Mother’s Hope trained staff who identified the problem, Loralie was soon in surgery to correct a structural birth defect. Unfortunately, soon after her baby’s surgery, Kellee had to undergo ankle surgery due to an unattended injury from her childhood. But Kellee was not alone. She was securely embraced by the A Mother’s Hope family and able to handle this stressful time.

As Kellee moved on from A Mother’s Hope, we know that she left better equipped to face whatever comes her way and to be the best mom she can be. We are so very proud of her!!

Shalana & Arianna

“When I came here, I was a dead person. Now, my life has totally changed! I am alive now!"

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The first day Shay came to A Mothers Hope, she was four months pregnant and had lost all hope of ever having a good life. She had no car, no job; she was homeless with nothing. She didn’t know where she would sleep from night to night. She says it was scary. She had no one to go to. Shay stated that she was very hopeless at that point. She knew she needed a new start and hoped that she would find her way to a new life at A Mother’s Hope. She realized everything had to change and, above all else, desired for her children to be reunited with her. She needed to find her hope again!

In the last eight months while living at A Mother’s Hope, Shay says that she has changed completely! She has worked really hard and says she’s a whole new person now! She has a totally new mindset and a lot of hope! She now describes herself as determined, motivated, and strong! She says she is nothing like she used to be. She went from barely surviving day to day - not even being able to think about her future because everything happening brought despair - to being filled with hope every day for a new and bright future as she accomplishes her goals and reaches ahead!

Shay feels so close to reaching her ultimate goal- being able to create a healthy, happy, and stable life for her family. Shay is confident that she will soon have a house where her whole family can be under one roof, loving, supporting, and enjoying each other every single day! She is extremely grateful to A Mother's Hope, sharing that she feels so much better prepared to achieve her future goals now!

Shay loves A Mother’s Hope! She says everyone is very helpful and supportive. She appreciates the fact that she always has someone to go to. A Mothers Hope taught Shay the importance of responsibility. She stated that she has found great value in what A Mother's Hope has to offer - goal-setting, classes, routine, and even the early wake-up time! She says, “It’s all good!” But the biggest thing that she has learned so far at A Mothers Hope is to never give up!

Shay had no hope when she came to A Mothers Hope. She said, “When I came here, I was a dead person. Now, my life has totally changed! I am alive now! More so than I have been in years! I can actually live a life now!” She continued to say, “The name is what it says - mothers can actually come here and find hope. The program really works! I’m a tough person to crack and this place has really changed my life!”