Loving Each Woman

Embracing her past

Supporting her present

Empowering her future

Loving Them Both

Welcoming them

Equipping them

Igniting a new hope in them

Strengthening Hope

Safe, stable, nurturing futures

Every woman

Every baby

What We Do

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A Mother's Hope is a maternity home grounded in faith and designed to support and empower pregnant women with the necessary skills and tools needed to manage their futures well. A Mother's Hope provides shelter for the duration of a pregnancy and up to one year postpartum for mother and child, while providing supportive services, training, and intensive case management. Our program provides clarity for our residents to create safe, stable, and nurturing environments for themselves and their children as they move towards self-sufficiency.

At A Mother's Hope we recognize that each resident is unique in her life experiences and in the circumstances that led her to become homeless. We help residents define and strive for their own individual versions of success.

Healthy Tomorrow

In 2018, McMillen Health conducted a community needs assessment called In Her Words to find out how we could contribute to solving the opioid epidemic. We had honest and eye-opening conversations with women who have opioid use disorder (OUD) and who were pregnant or had recently had a baby. We also talked to professionals serving women with OUD and their babies born with neonatal abstinence syndrome (NAS).

What we discovered: accessible educational resources are critically needed and virtually non-existent.

Women overwhelmingly asked for educational content in video format (no more brochures to toss out!) that they could easily access from their phones. These findings were the inspiration needed to develop Healthy Tomorrow, a mobile app with educational videos geared towards pregnant, or recently pregnant, people with a history of opioid use disorder.

The app has a variety of videos that app users can watch, learn, and earn rewards!

Our Executive Director, Stasia Roth, was part of the Professional Advisory Group as a collaborator for the app.

Download the app here


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  • Provide shelter and basic needs

  • Prayerfully face obstacles

  • Encourage and uplift every woman

  • Advocate and attend to medical needs

  • Provide counsel and support

  • Allow space for growth


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  • Provide intensive case management that includes specific goals set according to individual action

  • Develop plans and personal budgeting for financial recovery

  • Provide financial literacy classes

  • Teach parenting classes

  • Provide healthy relationship classes

  • Conduct group therapy with a professional onsite counselor

  • Teach life skills including nutrition, critical thinking, self-control, and self-care

  • Provide a strong career readiness curriculum


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Face everything with open hearts, open arms, and open minds. We believe that every woman deserves a chance and, that with proper encouragement and opportunities, every woman can be successful. Loving and empowering women lights the way for their children to be loved and nurtured, safely and securely!

Finding Hope

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For our residents, hope is more than a feeling of optimism for the future. It is our hope that when life gets difficult, they will not return to their previous ways of coping and managing life. They will have learned the necessary skills and tools to manage difficult situations positively. Furthermore, they will have received therapy to address trauma and encourage family stability.

Our program is designed to provide opportunities for our residents to create safe, stable, and nurturing environments for themselves and their children as they move towards self-sufficiency.