Our School Dog

Meet Minnie

There are proven physical and mental health benefits to being around animals. Extensive research has shown that the presence of an animal can have a positive impact on physiology and psychology and so help to reduce stress levels.

Stroking a pet, for example, has been shown to lower blood pressure and heart rate, bringing a calming effect. In this way, pets may be used to provide emotional support as well as provide a service.

Our School Dog ‘Minnie’ has lived with Ms. Oakey since she was 8 weeks old. She is a beautiful brindle Staffordshire Bull Terrier and very much a family dog. She has the right temperament to work with children and adults within the school environment. Minnie is a very caring and well-behaved dog. She has completed obedience training courses and has continued agility training. Minnie competes in dog agility competitions where dogs have to follow instructions to complete courses which include a variety of obstacles. Minnie loves playing with toys, particularly tennis balls or footballs.

Guidelines to interaction with our School Dog:

1. Under no circumstances will children have close interaction with the school dog unless the school has permission from parents/carers.

2. Once permission has been given no child shall be forced into interaction with the school dog if this makes them feel unhappy in any way.

3. At all times, interaction with the school dog must be controlled and safe for adults, children, and the school dog himself. If the following guidelines are not followed, interaction with the school dog will be cancelled.

4. At all times of interaction, there must be an authorised adult who takes the leading role when interacting with the school dog. If children, or visiting adults, do not abide by the guidance given by the authorised adult, the interaction will be cancelled.

Here is a link to our Risk Assessment