Our School Uniform Policy

The sense of identity with our school is important and is strengthened by the wearing of school uniform.  We believe our school uniform is smart, practical and creates a sense of community.

Danielles Schoolwear in Hockley sells Hockley Primary School's uniform. If you have any questions about this, please pop into the school office for further details.

You can buy our uniform directly from Danielles Schoolwear  at the following address:

30 Main Rd, Hockley SS5 4QS

01702 202005

Grey skirt or grey tailored trousers or shorts

White blouse/ shirt

School tie (optional)

Green cardigan or green sweatshirt

Green fleece

Green and white summer dress

White socks/white or dark green tights

Grey or dark coloured socks

Sensible black shoes (no trainers)

PE Kit 

Black  shorts

Green PE T-shirt


Green or dark coloured tracksuit for outdoors


 Children should not wear any form of jewellery to school, except wrist watches or stud earrings.  If stud earrings are worn, any accidents that may occur will be the responsibility of the parent.

During PE/games sessions stud earrings will have to be removed or taped by the children otherwise they will not be able to participate in the lesson. 

As a school, our policy is that taping is utilised to enable participation. However, appropriate action needs to be taken at the start of the lesson to ensure the safety of the children. 

Where taping is used, PE coaches supervising the group has the legal responsibility to ensure the taping is fit for purpose. If the adult considers the taping to be unsatisfactory to permit safe participation, staff will make adaptations in terms of how the student takes part in the practical aspects of the lesson. The student can contribute to group planning, designing and tactical discussions, but can have different tasks assigned to them during the practical elements of the lesson (for example, individual skills practices, peer coaching, observation and feedback tasks, videoing others to analyse at a later stage, or officiating in a games context). We look to have maximum participation in all PE lessons, but this may not be possible if the pupil is unable to remove personal effects or the taping is deemed unsatisfactory. Parents must supply their own tape (micropore) and leave in the child's PE bags clearly labelled.

We would also highly recommend the use of Silicone-based sports studs which are designed specifically for sporting activities. 

Teachers are not allowed to help children remove or insert their earrings.  

Watches will also be removed.


We would ask that all parents ensure that their children's school uniform, coats, shoes, bags etc are clearly named. This will ensure that your child's belongings can be returned to them if found.

Any unnamed belongings will be distributed to the appropriate Key stage/classes in the hope that these items will be claimed by their owners.

Your help to ensure that this system works is greatly appreciated.

Please name your child's school uniform, coats, shoes, bags etc.

Thanking you in advance for your help and cooperation.


The school has a large variety of previously owned school uniforms. These are available for parents to acquire by contacting the school office and during PTA run events. Please feel free to contact the school if additional pre owned uniform is required.