Forest School

We are extremely lucky to be situated in an idyllic woodland setting.  

As a result we are able to offer Forest School Sessions to every one of our children, and ensure that all children are given the opportunity to participate in a group of fun and exciting sessions  every academic year.

The Forest School approach to learning is centred on the ethos that children should be given the freedom to develop themselves through hands on, self-led learning, and the opportunity to make discoveries and take risks: all taking place in the beautiful woodlands surrounding our school.

Children will have to chance to engage in exciting and achievable activities and overcome obstacles at their own pace,  Session continue throughout the year- rain or shine (and if we're lucky - snow!)  

Through Forest school sessions, all areas of development are supported and enhanced.  

A love and respect for the woodland and of our world is sure to be gained and children are given the chance to develop a deeper understanding our the natural world.