Executive Head Teacher's Welcome

On behalf of the children, staff, Governors and Academies Enterprise Trust, I would like to offer you a very warm welcome to Four Dwellings Primary Academy.

Our mission is pure and simple: To enable our children to lead remarkable lives. The staff at Four Dwellings Primary Academy have extremely high expectations of all the children and provide them with an enriched, engaging, broad and balanced curriculum; helping them uncover a world of possibilities and providing the opportunity for all children to be able to live remarkable lives.





Effective primary education is a partnership between children, staff, parents and the wider community. We look forward to working with you to ensure your child is valued as an individual and has a safe, happy and successful time with us. We are committed to all aspects of education and development, encouraging families to work in partnership with us to realise our aim, of successfully helping each and every child to achieve their full potential and live remarkable lives.

Our school is a very busy place with many enriching events for the children and their families. We continually evaluate what we do in order to give the children the very best education. As partners, we want all parents to be involved and to come into school regularly.

We hope that our website and Twitter pages provide you with the information you require. You are always welcome to arrange a visit and the children would be delighted to show you what makes Four Dwellings Primary Academy as remarkable school.

Mr Shelton

Executive Head Teacher

Welcome to

Four Dwellings Primary Academy

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We have updated our Christmas Calendar, with some events changing - please read our updates here.

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