Comments from our Visitors Book

Comments from our Visitors Book


Autumn Term 2016

Year 6 Assembly - 29/9/16

The kids did really well. I could hear all of them. Well done.

Year 4 Assembly - 13/10/16

Wonderful year 4 assembly.

Fantastic assembly, well put together and learned some interesting facts about Romans.

Parents Evening - October 2016

The Children were very polite and welcoming. Well done. Lilly-Marie’s mum

The children were lovely and very polite. Well done. Mrs Snow (Parent).

Fantastic parents evening.

Good parents evening. K Harris (Parent).

Good parents evening, better improvements.

Great parents evening always good to know how our child is getting on. D Orchard (Parent).

Great parents evening.

Great parents evening, lovely to hear that the children are doing well in school, delighted.

The children helping at parents evening have been brilliant and a pleasure. It is great going to parents evening to hear how well my child is doing. Thank you Kaleem’s mum

Great effort well done!

Am very pleased with my daughter's teachers. Thank you for the hard work you put in.

I am very pleasure and indeed grateful for the manner in which parents evening was conducted. Thanks to all the wonderful staff members and volunteers. Nathan’s Mum.

Fabulous parents evening with Miss K and Mrs Skipper. Very pleased with Trinity’s progress. Lleyton and Charlie were very polite and helpful. Thank you! Sarah Mitchell.

KS1 Nativity - 12/12/16

Brilliant Nativity very well presented. All worked very hard.

Really enjoyed all, the kid done really good.

Really enjoyed all kids, looks very nice.

Very well done :-)

Absolutely amazing play. Ever so proud of my little Mary and all KS!/EYFS children.

Was very nice, amazing. Well done children.

Thoroughly enjoyed the performances. The costumes were amazing. Some of the lines very funny. I was wondering how some of them memorised the lines. I looked back at the wall to see if it was on there! Really god (Mai’s dad)

I really enjoyed this performance.

The play was amazing and everyone should be very proud of them.

Performed very well.

Loved it! Creative,imaginative. One or two budding stars. Well done!

KS1 Flute Assembly - 15/12/16

The assembly was very good, the children played brilliantly.

Brilliant! The children have worked so hard.

Summer Term 2016

27th April 2016

I came to the school to do Photographs and didn’t want to leave, a truly amazing school with extra smiley children!! – Craig (Kittle Photographic)

13th May 2016

I have been working with Year 6 children all morning. They have been a joy to work with – polite, responsive and musical. They achieved some truly lovely work in a short period of time.

The whole school was welcoming. Thank you all of you. A truly memorable school. Sheila Moutila

18th May 2016

I really enjoy leading assemblies in Charles Warren Academy. The children behave beautifully and engage thoroughly. I always get a warm and friendly welcome from staff and pupils, it’s one of my favourites (out of the 55 schools I visit)! Total transformation over the last few years. Thanks for having me. Rachel Foster (Bridge builder Trust)

8TH June 2016

After running two storytelling workshops with year 6, I would love to say what a credit to the school Year 6 are. They were focussed, driven and imaginative. I hope to come back soon to such an excellent school! Jonny McClean (Workshop Leader)

9th June 2016 – Year 1 Assembly

Year 1 class assembly – Great job! (Parent)

Year 1 assembly was really good to see all they have learnt. (Parent)

16th June 2016 – EYFS Assembly

Well done it was fantastic and the children were very confident – Martha Mlilo (Parent)

Lovely assembly all children as young as they are were brilliant. A big thank you to all staff. Thank you.

Wonderful assembly, very good with very little practise! A class of starts! (Parent)

The assembly was really good. Loved all the children singing together.

23rd June 2016 – YR2 Assembly

Lovely assembly – Zaine’s mum

Fantastic and 100% class assembly. Faizat’s dad.

Lovely assembly, children did a good job. We enjoyed. (Parents)

28th June 2016 – Quality Assessor

Thank you for a very informative and interesting visit. I have seen some exemplary proactive and delightful children. Well done you have achieved The Basic Skills Quality Mark! Thank you. Gill Clarke (Q.M. Assessor)

29th June 2016 - Year 3 Assembly

Lovely, all performed well.

Was lovely signing and brilliant acting, well done.

Brilliant performance, well done year 3.

30/6/16 - TAR Assembly

Brilliant Assembly - T.A.R.

1st July 2016 - Very well done to all the pupils who took part in this morning's Assembly. It was a privilege to be with you. Rev Chris Hicken ATC.

Well done Year 4.

Kids did really well, glad I saw it.

All the children did very well, learning new things.

21/7/16 YEAR 6 - Leavers Assembly

Was very nice. Thank you so much

Lovely. I had tears in my eyes.

Really enjoyable, happy to see what the kids have been up to.

What a lovely assembly. Brillant.

As usual the year 6 assembly was brilliant. Music teachers and class teacher should be really proud. Thanks.

Kids really did so well. Very good well presented. Thank you for all the hard work Charles Warren Academy. Ofentse has enjoyed his time with you. Most of all thank you to Miss Bryan. Ofentse’s mum and Dad.

Kids really did well and they were amazing and very intelligent I actually love the work, dancing and all the testimonies. Will never forget them. Megan’s uncle.

Fantastic assembly all children should be very proud of their hard work and the teachers dedication to their pupils really show with how hard they all want to produce such a wonderful performance. AJ’s mum.

Spring Term 2016

DOG TRUST VISIT – A lovely visit to year 2, very well behaved children with excellent questions. Thank you for such a welcoming visit. Gemma (Dogs Trust)

Talk about Assembly – What a wonderful assembly! Brilliant well done, talk about room and staff. Parent.

A lovely assembly. Everyone done well.

Very good assembly. I liked it.

Very proud the way the presentation took place and we appreciated.

29/2/16 Year 6 Assembly – I really enjoyed the assembly the children worked very hard, proud my children belong to a brilliant school with outstanding teachers. Mya Mill’s mum

3RD March 2016

Year 4 Assembly – I enjoyed it.

Really enjoyed the assembly, brilliant. K Hopkins

It was an excellent performance by the kids, I really enjoyed it. Kenneth Ayebah


Year 1 Assembly was fab and all the children and teachers did great.

23/3/16 – EASTER CRAFTING EVENT: Feedback by parents and children

Danny (YR3) It was awesome and fun.

I thought it was amazing and creative. Naomi (YR5)

Well done Roxann – you did a fab job – Jo McConnell (Parent and staff member)

I like Easter craft – thank you very much.

Very fun activity, loads to do. Should be done again.

It is really exciting.

Absolutely egg-cellent event! Thank you. My toddler and pre-schooler also enjoyed – thanks again. Mrs Miah (YR2 learner’s parent)

Really enjoyed it, kids loved it.

Has a fantastic time, we won lots of things. Charley really enjoyed it. Well done to everyone involved. Kellie Harris (Parent)


Year 2 Assembly – Lovely performance enjoyed watching it. Thank you.

Autumn Term 2015

17/12/15 – KS2 Carol Concert

The children were an absolute delight. Great ambassadors for the school and community. Cheryl Eyre, Head of Delivery, Milton Keynes Council

A wonderful visit – the singing was excellent and they clearly love music. Keep up the good work. Victoria and Keith McLean, Mayor of Milton Keynes

Absolutely great. A real feeling of confidence amongst the children. The influence of the music teacher was very evident. A delightful concert. Thank you. Howard Miller, Vice Chair of Governors

Superb well worth coming.

Very well done.

What a wonderful school – it felt like a real privilege to be a guest at your Christmas concert. Stimulating learning environment and talented, beautifully behaved children. Gill Salver, Consultant Principal (Sir Herbert Leon Academy)

16/12/15 – KS1 Nativity

Absolutely brilliant, Best yet! K. Hopkins

Very well executed. Brilliant. M Milo.

Very happy children, excellent performance. Lovely behaved. M Burrows.


Amazing! Thanks so much. Aliyah was really looking forward to it. A Parent

3/12/15 – Year 4 Class Assembly

Children sang lovely in the assembly.

2/12/15 – Parents Coffee Morning in the Talk About Room.

A great opportunity to see the talk about room and speak with the staff. Thank you.

Lovely morning in the talk about room, wonderful work – well done everyone. Tyler’s mum.

Lovely morning and lovely coffee in the talk about room. Thank you. Araf’s dad.

26/11/15 - Speech and Language Assembly

Lovely space assembly. Even I learnt a few facts! Parent

Excellent assembly, well done. Enjoyed it very much. Parent J

12/11/15 - Year 1 Assembly

Beautiful assembly, wonderful to have heard all the Year 1’s talk so clearly. Lindz

12/11/15 - Visitors from Shanghai

Wonderful welcome by year 6. We were very impressed by their enthusiasm. J Webster

12/11/15 - Visitor from Loughton School

Thank you for sharing with us your good practice. The Talk About Room is lovely and the children were very helpful. R Green (Loughton School)

5/11/15 - Year 6 Assembly

Very good to see kids improvement on music. Very good assembly – enjoyed it. Thank you. Ofentse’s Mum

Really enjoyed watching year six assembly and the music they performed, they should all be very proud of themselves. Kay Randall (Honey’s mum)

22/10/15 – Year 2 Assembly

Very confident and well read. Well done! Roxy’s Mum J

Proud of my boy and Charles Warren Academy - Outstanding school! Thanks a lot to Mrs Andrews, she is an amazing teacher. Parent


I thought the children’s workbook was fantastic with a great mix of experiences which were written and illustrated very comprehensive. Parent of Frankie

Parent’s eve

Thank you for having us! Parent’s evenings are a great way to know how our children are doing at school and how we can help them at home. Keep up the good work!

Well organised parents evening, a good and informative meeting. Thank you. M. Mihlo

Great parents evening, pleased with Trinity’s progress and knowing what we are working on next. Sarah Mitchell

Good parents evening, very well organised. Cheryl Hoare

Very good communication between us and teachers. Am very proud of his progress.

Mustafa’s Mum and Dad

6/10/15 – Metro Bank

Stacey and I have had a blast teaching the children our Moneyzone programme. All children are always enthusiastic and we always receive a warm welcome. Sarah and Stacey – Metro bank


I am proud of Lilian’s learning, she needs to keep it up – good school, good teachers and I am proud of my child.

2014 / 15

21/7/15 – Abbey Hill Golf Centre

Really enjoyed teaching golf to all the children at this school. All were very well behaved and a pleasure to teach! Tom Blick (Abbey Hill Golf Centre)

Year 1 Class Assembly 7.5.15

Ever so pleased with the year 1 assembly about flight. They were all loud and clear. Absolutely fantastic. Well done year 1. Rachel

Good confident performances and very interesting work. Well done to the children and teachers. Noami’s Granny

Great year 1 assembly about flight. Well done year 1. Keyleigh’s Dad

Allotment: 24.4.15

Lovely afternoon on the allotment – lots of good work done by the boys! Lorraine Esson, Woughton CC

Talk About Room open Morning: 25.3.15

It was lovely to be welcomed into the Talk About Room and to see the hard work that the children are doing and the happy positive environment. A parent

It was lovely to be invited to the Talk About Room, all the children had lovely manners and were very welcoming. The teachers should be very proud of themselves and the children should be proud too. A parent

Year 2 Class Assembly: 19.2.15

It was lovely to see the children’s happy faces and thanks to Mrs Bryan for explaining about eclipses. Nimat’s mum

Absolutely speechless with their performance today. All the children did so well and were so confident. The teacher’s should all be proud of what they have achieved. A proud Mummy

Coffee Morning and Year 3 class visit: 17.3.15

Enjoyed going into year 3 to what they learn and I enjoyed joining in. K Hopkins

Great idea to do coffee morning and join in with the year 3 class. I really enjoyed it. L Gribbin

Year 4 Class Assembly: 26.2.15

Very well thought out and planned and well performed. A parent

Excellent presentation. A parent

Year 6 class assembly: 12.2.15

It was a great assembly. Mrs Swinton

It was a very good assembly and very enjoyable. Jack's Nan

Parents Evening: 11.2.15

Very pleased with the progress my daughter has made in year 1. Very encouraging environment for my child to develop in. Ciara’s Mum

Very happy with the progress that Corey is making with Mr Kerr. Parent

Pleased with Blake’s progress. I will continue to work hard with him. Thank you. Blake’s Mum

I am so very pleased to have had the chance to visit and see how wonderfully well my clan are progressing. I am filled with pride. Thank you for having taken my children’s potential so far. Mrs Fenton

Chantal, Kainisha and James have settled really well at the school. They enjoy coming every day to school. They are also doing really well in their school work. We are very pleased. Parent

Year 6 Class visit and coffee morning: 10.2.15

I enjoyed spending time in year 6 literacy. I learnt new words and phrases from the children. It was lovely seeing the class working together. Rachel Lloyd

I enjoyed being able to spend time with my child in his literacy class, and seeing how he works. Thanks to Miss Kirkbride for having us in and making us work! Thank you. K Harris

Year 3 Class assembly: 5.2.15

Wonderful assembly, interesting and factual. Trinity’s Mum

Overall very good but sound could have been better. Well done to all the children. A Gabil

Lunchtime Cook cover: 30.1.15

Very well behaved children, I enjoyed serving your children. Chartwells Catering

Phonics Session for Year 1 parents: 21.1.15

I came to see yr 1 in their phonics and they’ve learnt so much. It was very educational. K Hopkins

Great lesson. At least we have an idea about how to teach phonics to our children. M Irna

Christmas Holidays


A Very good carol service, the children were amazing. Well done KS2!

A parent

Gorgeous singing by everyone. Thoroughly loved it and shed a tear! Well done KS2 and staff.

Sarah Mitchell

KS1 and EYFS Nativity

Great performance! Well done to pupils and staff! Thank you I loved it. The real meaning of Christmas. Thank you

Carols around the Tree: 15.12.14

What a lovely carol concert. Your children were amazing and you should feel very proud.

Ricky Ricketts – Director of BT Local Business

Thank you for inviting us to the carols around the tree service, it was lovely. You should be proud of the school.

Kay – Supply Teaching Ltd

It was a pleasure to be at your carol concert – excellent readings and singing.

Peter Barnes – Local resident

Year 4 Class Assembly: 20.11.14

I loved the Year 4 assembly. The children did a brilliant show. Well done, it made me laugh!

Joshua K’s Mum

Remembrance Assembly: 6.11.14

What a wonderful Remembrance Assembly. Everyone who participated did so well and I could hear every word. Rev Ted Bale had such a great sense of humour and gave a poignant message. Thank you for inviting me.

Anna Bayman

Thank you for the privilege of meeting the Academy and speaking on “not forgetting”. I am so impressed by the whole quiet, well behaved atmosphere – receptive discipline and a happy and confident feel. In this day and age a great encouragement. Thank you for inviting me.

Reverend Ted Bale, WW2 veteran

Parents Evenings: 22.10.14 and 23.10.14

The children running parents evening did a wonderful job. Beautiful manners J

A parent

A lovely parents evening. Lovely atmosphere and very helpful children.

A parent

Lovely parents evening, the year 6 helpers were absolutely brilliant and I was so please with the comments I got from my child’s teacher.

J Schols

Parents evening was great. Everyone was so helpful. The staff were very welcoming.

Zoe Brown

Parents evening was very smooth due to the organisation of the year 6 pupils. We were shown to the children’s books quickly and then to the right classroom as soon as it was time. Good job year 6.

Mr and Mrs Prince

Year 5’s Divali Assembly: 23.10.14

A lovely assembly – so pleased I could come.

A parent

Macmillan Coffee Morning: 17.10.14

So good to see confident children happy to talk and enjoying the chance to do something unusual (and practising some of those important life skills!). Lovely range of cakes. Thank you for letting me know it was happening, and let’s hope we can keep the links with the community going.

Shelia Thornton – Simpson Parish Council

Great morning, lovely time for parents/carers to come in and spend money on a great cause. Thank you for having us!

Rebecca Brown - Community Mobiliser

Talk About Coffee Morning: 1.10.14

Lovely friendly atmosphere, a very positive vibe from the language Department. It was a pleasure visiting.

Caroline Hasslett



Thank you all for a wonderful day at your school. We were very well looked after and thoroughly enjoyed talking to all the children who were so enthusiastic and polite.

Musician Merrell and Colour Sergeant Nev Dednum – Royal Marines Band Service


I have just visited to present an assembly and it was both a joy and a pleasure to deliver to such polite and well behaved children. A very positive atmosphere – well done and thank you to all the staff for fostering such good behaviour.

Rachel Foster – Bridgebuilder Trust


Had a fantastic parents evening. My daughter has progressed 2 sub levels in a term. The school has fantastic teachers that have helped her get these results.

C Rolls – Parent


I have thoroughly enjoyed being part of CWAs Year 3 community program. I have introduced them to partners from Woughton Community Council, OU, residents and Milton Keynes Council. The children have embraced the project and I hope the partnership and collaboration continues.

Tracey Pearson – Community Mobilser


Thank you everybody for your warm welcome to the Medieval Exhibition and Assembly. Well done to everyone involved.

Paul Harrison – National Director of Primary, Academies Enterprise Trust


Thank you to all the staff and particularly all the pupils for a most enjoyable and positive visit today. I was impressed by the focus on learning and outcomes as well as by the excellent manners. Best wishes for continued improvement and success.

Gail Tolley – Director of Children’s, Services Milton Keynes Council


Thank you for a wonderful coffee morning in the Talk-About- Room. It was lovely to meet with the teachers, staff and children. The children are doing some fantastic work and I have seen my son progress very well since starting in year 3. Keep up the good work, I have seen many positive changes over the last few months, well done!

L Contain – Parent


A very BIG THANKYOU to Miss Lang , Mrs Bryan, Mrs Brookes, Miss Wackett and Mr Thatcher for giving up their time to take our children on a residential trip.

Your dedication to our children is truly appreciated.

The children had a fantastic time and have come home totally shattered.

Many thanks

April Rennie

Ryan's Mum