Electronic Music

Semester course ~ 2.5 Credits

Jennifer Moss, Instructor

Email: jmoss@abschools.org

Web site: mossmusicnews.org

Course Description

This course is designed as a beginning course in Electronic Music for students who may, or may not already have a working knowledge with this genre. Using the Apple's premiere digital audio workstation (DAW) software, Logic ProX, this course covers standard electronic music objectives, as well as concepts designed to encourage the development of well-rounded musicians. By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Work extensively with Logic ProX

  • Record and edit both MIDI and Audio Data

  • Use and understand the various software instruments in Logic Pro X

  • Effectively mix a music project in Logic Pro X

  • Score a Quicktime Movie

  • Produce 5-6 substantial electronic music productions

How this class works

  • Skills & Concepts are learned through projects using Logic ProX.

  • Lessons are presented in a blended learning format - presentations, videos, screenshots, critiques.

  • There is a lot of freedom in this class as you develop your music, but if you are not working productively on a task, you risk losing that freedom.


In Electronic Music, grades reflect INDIVIDUAL ACHIEVEMENT. You will not be graded against your classmates’ academic and/or skill ability, but rather against your own POTENTIAL. Grades will be comprised of the following criteria:

• Logic Projects (80%)

• Individual and Group Critiques (20%)


You are expected & encouraged to explore, take risks, experiment, fail, & try, try again in this course.

RESPECT for yourself, peers and each other.

RESPONSIBILITY for completing work, staying focused on tasks, using the classroom equipment appropriately & following directions.

RESILIENCY for learning how to give and receive artistic critique, and incorporating that critique.

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