School Hours

School Day (P1-7): 9am-3pm

Break: 10.30am-10.45am

Lunch: 12.15pm-1pm

Drop Off:

Gates will open at 8.30am and close after the 9am bell. 

Late comers must go to the main office.

Children must enter the playground and go straight to their allocated line.

Pick Up:

In P1-3, teachers will let children away safely one by one. 

Any other parents/carers are welcome and should arrange a 'spot' with their child(ren)or wait in the lanes as you are used to. 

P4-7's will be excused at the doors to make their own way to adults/walk home as directed by parents. If you are collecting your child, please make it clear to them which gate or where you will meet them.


Article 28 the right to education