What is ZSRx?

ZSRx is a free, open, online course for the Wake Forest University community, including alumni, parents, and really anyone else who is interested. The course is designed to engage you in a fun, collaborative learning environment to explore tools and techniques for using the web to increase your productivity, strengthen your search habits, and sharpen your evaluation skills. The class runs for 4 weeks, starting on March 18th, 2013.


Registration is currently closed for the course that began on March 18, 2013.

Who should participate?

Anyone who wants to be a better searcher, evaluator, and user of web tools and online information. So, everyone, really. Invite a friend!

Will I have time for this?

We know you're busy. While we'd love for you to participate 100%, it's perfectly acceptable to just dabble in the course as much as your time allows. Think of this less as a traditional class with deadlines and boundaries and more as a starting point for learning and connecting to a larger community of learners.