Mary and The Pandemic: Marian Library Call for Original Sources

The Marian Library and International Marian Research Institute is collecting primary sources, both digital and physical (shared when we return to campus) - stories, photographs, journals and more.

They would like what is happening at the personal level. What are you doing in your local communities, homes, online, creatively being social while responsibly distancing?

These pieces will go into the archives at the Marian Library and may be used in a forthcoming exhibit. If you would like to contribute something, please email marianlibrary at udayton.edu.

Migrations Information and Actions

Here are the top resources I use with solid and current information:

1) Hope Border Institute

2) Border Network for Human Rights

3) Network Lobby

For those wishing to do something now or soon, two petitions are circulating that I trust asking to stop raids and all other immigration actions:

1) From Border Network for Human Rights

2) From United We Dream

Educational videos:

Frontline: Targeting El Paso

500 Years

3 Minute Hug

Living Undocumented

Great blog post from a Canadian perspective which tells a lovely story and is more uplifting

Visit www.MaryAPParitions.org for a cool online tool about Mary.

Other Important Resources

Latina Scholars of Religions


Marianist Family Migration Resources

Los Angeles Religious Education Congress 2019

Session Handouts

Teologias Feminista Latina y Mujerista

Marias de la leche

This space is dedicated to providing information and links on Catholic news and social issues of interest in the field of LatinoXa Theology and Studies of Religions.

If you are interested in information about my presentations and publications, please find my CV here.