Sam Hicks Park

September 2023 Update:

Sam Hicks Monument Park Native Plant Garden

Overall, the garden is doing well and survived the hot summer temperatures. 

We lost some plants, but several others are growing and flowering. 

The native milkweed is thriving. On my last visit, I enjoyed a Monarch butterfly circling the garden and she kept coming back to the milkweed. She was probably getting ready to lay an egg. I counted at least six monarch caterpillars on one of the milkweed plants.

  --Update written by Jane Payne, chairperson 

May 2023 Update:

The TVGC’s native plant garden at Sam Hicks Monument Park in Old Town Temecula was revitalized with new plantings on Monday, April 19. Jane Payne did a fantastic job organizing the project. She was able to obtain all 67 native plants needed from three different nurseries at wholesale price, so expenses came in way under budget. Temecula city workers dug all the holes and plenty of TVGC members showed up to plant. Amazingly, the planting was accomplished in only 3 hours! Subsequently, new mulch and temporary plant identification markers were installed.

This portion of Sam Hicks Monument Park has been officially adopted by TVGC. The City of Temecula has installed a permanent sign stating this on the site. So, we will be responsible for maintaining it from now on, monitoring irrigation and replacing plants as needed. Next time you are visiting Old Town, stop by the park and take a look at your native plant garden there. And, if you are interested in helping with this and other community beautification projects, please contact Jane Payne.

--Update written by Susan Puma, Co-President

Update January 2022:  TVGC Receives Grant From City of Temecula

Great News! In December TVGC received a $1,500.00 grant from the City of Temecula to be used in creating a California Native Demonstration Garden at Sam Hicks Monument Park. 

Our committee has been working with Stacy Fox, Parks & Landscape Maintenance Superintendent, to create a garden that will inspire Temecula residents to include native plants in their gardens. We are hoping to begin planting in January.

In 2021, a new major project for the club is the creation of a native plant garden in a public park in Temecula. Our club has designed and will install and care for a demonstration garden at the Sam Hicks Monument Park near the Temecula Valley Museum. The garden will consist of only native plants which are also drought tolerant and help support the natural ecosystem of our community. Our website will provide information on the native plants and the park visitors will be able to see how the plants will look at different seasons and as they mature. We hope to inspire residents to add native plants to their gardens. We are very grateful to the City of Temecula for this opportunity. The committee members leading this project are Master Gardeners Susan Cline, Chris Curtis and Janice Rosner and Committee Chairperson Judy Sundermann.