2017 Plant Sale

The Plant Sale that will occur simultaneously with the Flower Show on April 29th, 2017, will have a variety of plants donated by members of TVGC, including the "Succulent Dish Gardens", and also garden accessories such as the "Beaded Wind Chimes" and the "Decorative Garden Stakes" made from re-purposed glass plates assembled by TVGC members at workshops.


It is a little difficult to predict what all plants will be available, but we know there will be a lot of succulents.

Below is a photo from 2016 of some of the plants donated for the sale.

Also for sale is this item designed and built by Bob Boyd

from cedar and redwood to withstand outdoor weather.

What is it?

Could it be a house for a cat?

Could it be a shelter for a small dog?

Could it be a nesting box for a family of barn owls?