Cultivating Inclusion

September 2023 update:

It's harvest time at The Cultivating Inclusion Farm ("CIF"). We have had an abundance of vegetables this year: pumpkins, watermelon, corn, tomatoes, gourds and strawberries. 

Looking forward to meeting all the new gardeners who have signed up to help.

In October, CIF will be having crafters exhibiting their beautiful, handmade gifts. If you are interested in selling your wares, please contact Barbie.

  --Update written by Barbie Lickness, chairperson, Community Service and Youth Gardening


May 2023 Update:

Recently Suellen Fast did a worm composting presentation and the kids loved it. 

Nancy August donated stepping stones which were much needed. 

Sharon and Robert McCarthy have been working very hard at the garden and have installed the irrigation system.

Currently our volunteers are busy working on garden weeding, planting, etc. 

Barbie is still looking for the baskets that strawberries come in for a project. Or if you have some yard decorations you are no longer using, please let her know.

If you are interested in helping, learning about or touring the garden, contact Barbie.

--Barbie Lickness, Community Service and Youth Gardening

April 2023 Update:

It's strawberry season and those cute little strawberry baskets are great for crafting. Please save them for me. We are also looking for old patio boxes that are used for storage of things like garden tools or chair cushions. We are still in need of garden pots, stepping stones, garden tools, seeds, yard art, trellises, water features, and unwanted umbrella holders! Anything you wish to donate would be greatly appreciated.

There is a lot of activity at the gardens now. Many different vegetables are growing. We are learning how to prune our citrus trees, and we are fixing our irrigation system. There is always something going on. Come on out and see for yourself. We'd love to show you around.

--Barbie Lickness, Community Service and Youth Gardening

December 2022 Update:

The last 4 weeks have been very busy at Cultivating Inclusion Farm as we prepare our winter garden. We spent a great deal of time trying to outsmart the garden critters from eating our new seedlings. That said, we are still in need of volunteers to be plant starters.

The garden workers enjoyed a Trunk or Treat afternoon where treats were doled out from the trunks of cars. They also enjoyed a crafts workshop. 

We are always looking for volunteers to come help at Cultivating Inclusion. Thank you to those members who brought me their empty soup cans, please keep them coming.

If you are interested in being a seed starter or volunteering at Cultivating Inclusion, please contact Barbie.

--Barbie Lickness, Community Service and Youth Gardening

November 2021 Update:  TVGC’s current Community Service Project is helping at Cultivating Inclusion Farm, located at Alta Murrieta Sports Park.

The four acre farm is a job site location for Day and Adult Transition programs for adults with Special Needs. 

The farm is open from 9:00 am until 11:00 am Monday through Friday.  TVGC members have been volunteering on Wednesdays.  

We are planting winter crops, some are in raised beds and some are row crops. Garlic, onions, radishes and swiss chard are already sprouting.

Our goal is to have the entire garden planted with crops and then harvesting the produce and donating it to the local Food Banks.

Volunteers are needed for each day, so if Wednesday doesn’t work out for you, please consider another day.

--Judy Sundermann, Community Service and Youth Gardening

February 2021:  A new Community Service Program for TVGC

“Cultivating Inclusion” is a four acre farm that provides vocational training and socialization outlets for youth and adults with special needs.

Cultivating Inclusion was started in 2015 by the nonprofit Go Bananas with the help of the City of Murrieta.  The purpose is to provide vocational skills training for people with disabilities.  The Farm is a job location for both Day Programs and Adult Transition Programs aimed at adults and youth with special needs. 

Although the vocational training has been on hiatus, volunteers from the community have been busy improving the Farm in many ways, including an outdoor classroom with a shade cloth cover, new drip irrigation, new raised beds, and mulch to discourage weeds and keep moisture in the ground.  Janice Rosner with the help of Riverside Master Gardeners and Cultivating Inclusion volunteers has been able to make significant improvements including starting the planting of Spring and Summer crops. 

Learn more on their Facebook page:   

Their website is 

And here is a nice introduction to Cultivating Inclusion on You Tube: 

--Judy Sundermann, Community Service and Youth Gardening

Members of Boy Scout Troop 384 with parents and siblings picked nearly 2,000 pounds of citrus

at Cultivating Inclusion that was donated to local food banks.

A bountiful Citrus Harvest!

That is Judy on the left with a few of the harvesters.

The Boy Scouts were able to spread a mountain of mulch on the garden beds to help suppress weeds.

Raised Beds.....there’s a surprise in every box!

This is where the row crops will be and the citrus orchards.

Tangerines, Pink Lemonade Lemons, and Cara Cara Oranges are on one side of the road

and Grapefruit and Tangelos on the other side.

Lots of room for social distancing!