Children's Theatre Auditions

Audition Information for our Fall Shows will be coming soon!

Thank you to everyone that auditioned for our 2023 Summer Season back on April 2nd.

Fall Play

October 13 -15, 20 - 22

Performed on the outdoor stage

It’s hard being a girl!  Especially in a fairy-tale land where everyone expects you to be a damsel in distress.  Well, these four young ladies are just not having it!  Our story opens with Isadora, who doesn’t like seeming helpless after being abandoned in the forest by her father.  She much prefers feeling strong and self-sufficient, especially once she pulls an ancient sword from a stone!  Isadora soon meets Beatrice, a lady-in-waiting, who honestly finds life in the castle quite boring.  Winifred joins the spirited pair next, having always lived alone in the forest, concocting potions and practicing spells.  The trio is joined by the notorious Masked Maven, a young woman with many secrets. Seeking excitement, the foursome journey on a comical adventure through a fairy-tale land of magic and monsters, royal fanfare and fairies, as they prove they can ably find their own way through the world, strong and independent.  Along the way, they encounter angry villagers, arrogant princes, mischievous fairies, and even a dragon or two! 

Fall Musical

November 10 -12, 17 - 19

Performed on the indoor stage

When the naughty antics of the Elf family children cause yet another nanny to quit, who do you suppose will care for them while Mother and Father are too busy with their North Pole Christmas jobs? Why, Nanny Claus: The North Pole Nanny, of course! And she has just the right tricks up her sleeve. Three very special stocking stuffers, an amazing outing with a magical snowman, and surprise visits to Mrs. Claus' North Pole Sweet Shoppe and Santa's Workshop teach this family about taking time to enjoy the holidays together. A theatrical score and engaging script that are reminiscent of your favorite classic nanny story!