Need photos, videos, or music for a school project?

SAS Guide to Copyright Friendly Media

It is not ok to simply search Google Images and take any photo you find. Follow this guide to find copyright friendly media you have permission to use in your projects. Always use content licensed with Creative Commons or in the public domain when doing school projects.

If using a Google tool, try Google Stock Images for high quality photos.

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If using any tool, use CC search to find photos, music, and video.

Use Creative Commons Search
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Make your own photos, music, and video.

Don't forget to give yourself credit!
Photo by Torley on Flickr.
Want even more options?

Check out this list of copyright friendly media sites.

And ALWAYS give credit by providing the creator's name and link for the media.


To cite online, make a hyperlink:

Photo by Alexis on Pixabay

To cite in print, paste in the url:

Photo by Alexis on Pixabay

You can put the citation on the slide or next to the image in a blog post OR you can put it on an end slide or at the end of a blog post. But you need to give credit somewhere!