Awards and Scholarships

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General Information

Entrance Scholarships:  Students entering university with an average of 80% or higher will often receive an entrance scholarship, depending on where they are applying.  An application is not required for an entrance scholarship of this type.  A student's average will be calculated based on his/her best six credits at the 4U/4M level. Some universities include program prerequisites in the calculation of admission averages.

Other college or university scholarships do require an application, each with varying deadlines and criteria. It is the student's responsibility to seek out scholarship opportunities.  To the right, you will find some websites that are recommended for anyone seeking financial assistance for post-secondary education.  
It is also recommended that students visit the financial services and individual faculty/department pages of each university or college website to search for entrance scholarships and bursaries.

Reference Letters

If you are applying for a scholarship that requires a reference letter from a teacher, guidance counsellor or administrator, please do the following:
  • Ask 2-3 weeks prior to the scholarship deadline 
  • Provide a copy of the scholarship and a 'ghost letter' outlining how you meet the criteria 
  • Take note of the application instructions re: reference letters i.e., sent by the school, separate envelope, etc.

Toula Makris,
Oct 14, 2015, 9:01 PM