Emergency Drills






(Districts Required to Hold Earthquake Drills)

As part of the implementation of the district's adopted crisis intervention plan, the superintendent or designee has the responsibility for developing and maintaining the district's emergency preparedness plans and emergency drill schedules.

Emergency Drills

The superintendent or designee, in cooperation with the building principals, will develop emergency drills for fires, tomados, bus emergencies, earthquakes, bomb threats and armed intruder/active shooter situations. Additional emergency drills may be developed and practiced at the discretion of the superintendent. Instruction on all emergency drills shall be given early in the school year, and emergency drills shall be held regularly throughout the year. The district will conduct emergency drills as required by law and policy and will ensure that the number of emergency drills conducted is sufficient to give instruction and practice in proper actions by staff and students during lock-down, shelter-in-place and evacuation. Emergency exiting procedures will be posted near the door in each building.

The superintendent or building principal will schedule and execute emergency drills. Principals who schedule emergency drills will provide the superintendent advance notice of the drills. The district will cooperate and coordinate emergency drills with other community agencies such as the fire department, law enforcement officials, emergency medical services and local emergency planning committees. Pursuant to law, armed intruder/active shooter drills will be conducted for all staff members and led by law enforcement professionals.

Emergency evacuation drills on school buses will be conducted for all students in grades kindergarten through six at least once per semester with the first drill completed prior to October 31 annually.

Earthquake Preparedness Disaster Plans and Drills

In accordance with law, the superintendent or designee, cooperating with building principals, shall develop and implement a districtwide school building disaster plan to protect students and staff before, during and after an earthquake. The plan will be designed specifically to minimize the danger to students, staff and district property as a result of an earthquake and will be ready for implementation at any time. The superintendent or designee will request assistance with developing and establishing the earthquake emergency procedure system from the State Emergency Management Agency (SEMA) and any local emergency management agency located within district boundaries .

An emergency exercise will be held at least twice each school year that will require students and staff to simulate earthquake emergency conditions and practice the procedures that are to be implemented under such conditions.

The superintendent shall develop a program that ensures that all students and staff of the district are aware of and properly trained in the earthquake emergency procedure  system. This emergency procedure system shall be available for public inspection at the district office during normal business hours.

At the beginning of each school year, the district shall distribute to all students information from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), SEMA and other sources in order to help students understand the causes and effects of earthquakes and the best and latest safety measures available to them in an earthquake situation.



Adopted:            Feb. 9, 2005

 Revised:             Mar.ch 17, 2014

Cross Refs:      IC, Academic CalendarNear/Day


Legal Refs:       ' ' 160.451 - .457, 170.315, 320.010, RSMo.

5 C.S.R. 30 - 261.010


New Franklin R-I School District, New Franklin, Missouri