In just a little while, your child will begin a new school year in the 3rd grade. This is a new and exciting time. It will be a time of change and new beginnings, new surroundings, new friends, new challenges, and new skills. By working together we can make this year a happy and rewarding experience for everyone. I hope this letter might answer some questions you have.

Who is Mrs. Ramras?

I am looking forward to teaching your child. I have been a teacher for over 25 years. I have taught various primary grades both in Needham, and in the Washington D.C. Public Schools.  I am absolutely thrilled to be teaching 8 and 9 year olds! The kids make such tremendous growth (physically, emotionally, and academically). We will have a lot of fun throughout the year; we do a lot of laughing and playing as we learn. I am also a mom to three teenagers. We live right here in Needham so you’ll probably see me around town once in a while.

My Contact Information


Feel free to send me an email with any questions or concerns that you may have. It is not always possible for me to check email during the school day, so please be patient for a response. I do read my email every evening, and will get back to you promptly.

781-455-0466 ext. 214

You may call me at school with any questions or concerns. Don't worry about disturbing the class; the phone only rings when children are not in the classroom (before 8:20 and after 2:45). Just leave me a voice mail message and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. If you need to speak with me right away, call the main number and dial 0 for the office. Our school secretary or office staff can page me.



Written Communication: All notices and mail will go home each day in your child's BEE folder. I will check it everyday for any written communication from you.

Third Grade Supply List

Here is list of supplies that will be used in third grade.  
If possible, please bring the following items to school on the first day. 

Thank you for your contributions! If you are unable to bring any of these supplies, don't worry.  

I will make sure all the children have the supplies they need.

Communication Folders

The best way to stay informed about our classroom is by checking your child’s Communication Folder, or BEE folder nightly. What is a BEE Folder? BEE stands for Bring Everything Everyday. It is a folder that your child will receive on the first day of school. The BEE folder holds all the papers that your child will need in 3rd grade-- homework assignments, important notices, permission forms, etc. It is important that your child gets in the habit of taking the BEE folder out after school, finding his or her homework papers, returning the completed homework pages back into the BEE folder, removing corrected papers and putting the BEE folder back into his or her backpack before school the following morning. If you have a note excusing your child from school or a change in your child’s transportation plans, please put it in the BEE Folder. I will check it every morning for notes.
Parent-Teacher Communication is essential for a successful year! 

Please provide a healthy snack for your child each day. A great 3rd grade snack might be a piece of fruit, pretzels, crackers, yogurt, etc. Also, please help us to keep our classroom PEANUT FREE. We have several students in our class with food allergies. Many snacks have hidden peanut products so please read snack labels carefully. I will send home an important note from Mrs. Eisenstadt about food allergies. Please be sure to review our school's food policy.

Goals for the first week of school

From the moment the students walk through the door, I will try to give them "instant ownership of their room." They need right away to feel known and liked by their teacher and classmates.  Students need to make an impact on the environment, to see that the fact that they are there makes a difference. The children also need to feel comfortable, safe, and happy. The focus on the first week of school is upon getting to know each other and the routines and layout of the classroom. We hope to:

• Create a climate and tone of warmth and safety

• Teach the schedule and routines of the school day and our expectations for behavior

• Introduce the students to the physical environment and materials of the classroom, and teach students how to use and care for them

• Establish expectations about ways we will learn together in the year ahead.

Here's a sneak peek of our classroom.

The only thing missing from our classroom is you!

Last Updated: August, 2018