Curriculum Connection Videos

2017-2018 Curriculum Connections

3-15-18  Life Skills - Part I
Medford students learn real life skills in many of their classes. This video highlights PreK and MASH classes such as ag, music and tech ed.
 2-15-18 Instructional Coaching
Medford's new elementary instructional coaches share their success with student achievement and with new teachers.
 11-17-17   Financial Literacy
Medford students learn financial literacy skills through Jr. Achievement, Reality Fair & a required Financial Literacy Course 
10-30-17Pre-Apprenticeship to Heavy Equipment Operation
Medford students take the first step in becoming a heavy equipment operator apprentice while still in high school.
09-21-17Update on Medford Referendum Projects
Medford students returned to class with some noticeable, and some not so noticeable changes through the district.

2016-2017 Curriculum Connections

MASH Spring Fling 
Students with special needs work together to organize an event for their peers.

 Reading Wonders
Medford kindergarten through sixth grade have a new reading and language curriculum.

Mini-SLATE in Medford 
Medford, Rib Lake & Prentice join together to learn more about technology and personalization in the classroom
Drug Education in Medford 
Medford Schools partner with the community to keep kids healthy and drug free.
Personalized Learning in the Classroom
Teachers show how they are helping kids to make good choices in their learning. 
Flexible Learning Spaces
The Medford District has created multiple personalized learning spaces throughout the district so that students have more voice and choice in how they spend their time.

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