Medford’s Mission:       

To ensure that all students learn.

Medford’s Vision:

We expect all students to learn at high levels. We will work collaboratively with colleagues, students, and parents to challenge and support all individuals to achieve success.

District Goals:

In order to positively affect student learning, we  will continue to meet as professional learning communities both as subject/grade level teams and building teams in which colleagues are working and learning together on a regular basis.

1. Essential Outcomes and Common Assessments

2. RtI (Interventions and Accelerations)

3. Writing and/or Vocabulary

2011-2012 Summary of Team Goals

2012-2013 Summary of Team Goals

2013-2014 Summary of Team Goals

2014-2015 Summary of Team Goals

2015-2016 Summary of Team Goals

Administration Goal

  • Communicate clear and consistent expectations and provide ongoing, flexible support to all staff to ensure common goals are accomplished.

Curriculum and Instruction Goals

  • Staff will continue to review and revise essential student outcomes to ensure we are setting appropriate goals and identifying intervention/acceleration opportunities.
  • Staff will incorporate writing and vocabulary skills to demonstrate knowledge of essential student outcomes across the various disciplines.

 Student Performance Goal

  • Students will continually show progress towards meeting or exceeding the Wisconsin State Standards as evidenced by local, state and national assessments.

Community/Family Goal

  • The district will assist our families to realize/value the connection between education and success in life.
  • The district will educate the staff to be more culturally responsive to our community.
Original Goals Created Summer 2011

Revised and Adopted by Medford School Board 
on May 16, 2013

Teams have 5 years to complete these three goals. For additional guidelines, click the link below.

Guidelines for Teams