I am available after school on Mondays and Thursdays from 1:45 until 2:30.

Please enjoy the lab but treat it and the people in it with respect.

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                                                    Participation/Self Evaluation

Mr. Shoemaker

Once you have completed your assignment(s) you can play one of the following educational games:


Free Rice 
Help feed the hungry for every correct answer

Word Twist This game is like BOGGLE

Math Jong  School Record ~300,000 pts

Newtonian Physics Game  Click the MENU button to go to your last level.

Word Sailing  Creating Words to race your boat.

MasterMind  Use your critical thinking skills to solve the puzzle

National Geographic Game  First level is tough!

Escape the Computer Room  I thought you loved computer class!

Escape the Kitchen  Puzzle Logic Game

Escape the Bathroom  Puzzle Logic Game

Math By Design  Interactive Game

Sprocket Rocket  Interactive Logic Game