User name = Personal Email Address

Password = WHS Student ID#

Contact Mrs. Mertel or your Counselor for assistance with log-in.

Naviance is a FREE tool provided for each student to explore majors, colleges, & careers throughout their high school career. 12th Graders are required to utilize Naviance to complete their college application process with their counselors for:

  • Requesting letters of recommendation,
  • Signing up for college visits in the CCC,
  • Submitting transcripts,
  • Completing Brag Sheets for Recommendation Letters
  • Generating Resumes, etc.

It is highly recommended that students utilize this tool throughout their high school years in order to research majors & careers and investigate different colleges/universities. Familiarity with the various Naviance tools should streamline the college application process. Registration with Naviance will enable the student/parent to receive important communications from Counseling/CCC for opportunities including jobs, scholarships, etc. Students/parents may contact Mrs. Mertel in the CCC for assistance with Naviance registration & use.

  • All 9th Graders are registered & receive training in the Warrior Lab from Counseling/CCC on Naviance usage (November/December time frame). See the Power Point presentation below for the Training Module. The worksheet must be completed & returned to the student's Biology teacher for potential extra credit.
  • All 10th Graders must also complete the Training Module & return the worksheet to the student's English teacher. Information will be distributed in the classroom regarding deadlines.
  • All 11th Graders will receive a Naviance review in the Warrior Lab (January/February time frame) to prepare them for their college application process, which will start in the summer following their junior year.
  • All NEW transfer students need to complete the Training Module to get registered for their Naviance account so they can receive communications & utilize the tools.

Student Log-in:

  • Username= student email address (Make sure this is a professional-sounding address & that you READ it on a regular basis.)
  • Registration Code = Password= Student ID # (no period on end)
  • Students MUST keep your password the same as your Student ID #.
  • If you do NOT have a Naviance account, you may register for one. The Registration Code is the Student ID Number.
  • If you have trouble logging in, please see Mrs. Mertel in the College and Career Center.
2019 Naviance Training Gr11.pdf
2018 Naviance Training Gr 9 and new students.pdf