Moorpark College Preview Day

Moorpark College Early Class Registration starts Monday April 22.

  • Students should check this link if they need assistance registering for classes:

  • Students can contact the Moorpark College Outreach Office if they encounter any issues: 805-553-1409
  • The Regular registration for Fall 2019 freshmen will be June 3, for students that have not completed their (1) online orientation, (2) math/English self-assessments, & (3) Ed PLan,

ACCESS-eligible students can still apply:

What is ACCESS?

ACCESS (Accessibility Coordination Center & Educational Support Services) is the program that assures all Moorpark College classes, activities and facilities are accessible to all qualified students.

Once a student has applied to Moorpark College and has a student ID number, they need to apply for ACCESS services. Three forms are needed to apply.

1. Application for ACCESS Service – to be completed by the student

2. Intake Screening Form – to be completed by the student

3. Verification of Disability – 2 options, in either case, we welcome an IEP report as well.

a. For students with learning disabilities, this can be the student’s pyscho-educational assessment report.

b. For students with medical/psychological conditions, form must be completed by a licensed medical professional.

Click on the following link for Steps on Becoming a Students with ACCESS Services:

To save students a trip, the forms are fillable and can be faxed or email back. Once we have all three forms, we will make an appointment for an Intake. At the Intake appointment, accommodations and services will be discussed and set up.

Even if students are not sure of their accommodation needs, it is important to apply sooner than later. That way they (1) have access to a Counselor that will help them sort out their classes, (2) have priority registration for future semesters, and (3) we will be here in case something comes up. They may not always realize what you need at the beginning, but will have a place to go when the needs come up.

Contact Moorpark College ACCESS Office if you need assistance with this process.

Address: 7075 Campus Road, Moorpark, CA 93021 - Building LMC, 1st floor

Phone/TDD: (805) 378-1461

Fax: (805) 378-1594

Email contacts for new applicants are or

Moorpark College 2019 - Kickoff Meeting will be Wednesday, February 27, 2019 in the Carpenter Theatre during CPT (8:00-8:39am)

Moorpark College Application Workshop in Warrior Lab on Wednesday, March 20 during CPT (8-8:39am)

Moorpark College Preview Day Field Trip: Friday, April 5, 2019

Attention Seniors that plan to attend Moorpark College in the Fall 2019:

WHS Counselors with Mrs. Mertel will be taking (100) 12th grade students to Moorpark College on Friday, April 5, 2019. Students will be given a tour of the campus and will also get important information about student services, financial aid, & information on how to get early registration for classes. Space is limited; first come, first served.

Students must obtain field trip forms from Mrs. Mertel in the CCC and complete the following steps to attend.


1. Apply for Admission to Moorpark College

2. Within 1-3 days, the student will receive a confirmation email with the Subject, “Welcome to Moorpark College”. Students must follow the instructions & click the “active” link to set up their MyVCCCD Portal. This link expires within 10 days. The MyVCCCD Portal is where students register for classes, pay their bills, receive important notifications, etc.

3. Once the Portal is set up the student needs to complete THREE steps to be eligible for early registration:

(1) Complete the “Online Orientation” and print the Confirmation Page for Mrs. Mertel.

(2) Complete the English Self-Assessment Test & print the Summary Page for Mrs. Mertel.

(3) Complete the Education Plan.**

**During the field trip, students will have access to Moorpark College Library computers & Moorpark counselors who will walk them through the steps to develop their Education Plan. Application workshops to assist in Warrior Lab, March 20th.

4. Students must return the following forms to Mrs. Mertel to go on the field trip--NO EXCEPTIONS. NO PAPERWORK, NO TRIP!

(1) Field Trip forms (both the white form & the teacher approval form)

(2) Online Orientation Confirmation AND

(3) English Assessment Summary Confirmation Page


Early fall class registration opens April 22, 2019

Regular fall class registration opens June 5, 2019 (proposed)

Click here to get to the Moorpark College Site

This link will take you to the OpenCCC Site and the Moorpark College application.

(Before applying to any California community college you must first have an OpenCCC account. The OpenCCC single sign-in account allows you to access the online services of the California Community Colleges. OpenCCC is a service of the California Community Colleges Chancellors Office. The information in your account is kept private and secure.)

After you complete all of the above steps, sign up for Moorpark College “Guided Path to Success” (GPS) for additional benefits! Submit your application at starting JANUARY 1st!!

Special benefits include:

· Early registration for 1st time freshmen

· A personal Success Coach to help you navigate through college

· Personalized academic & career counseling

· GPS tutors

· Student Success Center access

· FREE printing services

Steps to OpenCCC & Moorpark-NEW.pdf
How to Set Up MyVCCCD portal-NEW.pdf
New Student Steps.pdf
WHS_MC comprehensive_visual_guide_to_3sps.pdf
3. How to Complete Your Online Orientation.pdf
4. How to Complete Your Math and English Assessments.pdf
Moorpark College GPS Program.pdf

Guided Path for Success (GPS) Special Benefits include:

  • Special registration status into courses
  • Your own Success Coach - to help you navigate through the college
  • Personalized academic & career counseling
  • GPS Tutors
  • Student Success center
  • Meet & connect with other students

Moorpark College Preview Day (Friday, April 5, 2019) Field Trip Forms

Forms must be submitted to College & Career by March 29!! You must complete online orientation and math & English assessments to attend the field trip. Space is limited to the first 100 students.

Moopark College Field Trip Form.pdf
FORM-Teacher Approval Form_Preview Day Form.pdf