Rehearsal Info

Rehearsal : Held week of Commencement (Tuesday, Wednesday, morning of Thursday)

  • rehearsals are same hours as school hours; except Thursday (done at 11am)
  • report by 8am in the gym all days
  • all obligations must be cleared to attend
  • do not wander campus before or after rehearsals
  • Parking: back parking lot (bandroom side)
  • wear comfortable clothing (out on the field all day)
  • bring lunch (not able to leave campus or get lunch delivered)
    • can make orders with cafeteria (make sure you have your ID card on hand w/ funds available)
  • while on field:
    • bring towel (metal chairs get hot in sun)
    • hats and sunscreen
    • lots of water
  • wear your heels on Wednesday to practice walking in them
  • leave campus immediately after rehearsal is done (No loitering)
  • rehearsal is done when we get through all tasks (the faster we get through all tasks, the faster you can leave)