When I order a cap & gown, when and where will it be delivered?

  • It will be delivered to the school from late February to early March to Kekaulike. Students are able to pick them up from G206 during non-instructional time if their Senior Expectation Forms have been submitted.

I received my cap & gown, but where are my tassel and cords?

  • Students will receive their tassel and cord before the start of commencement the day of the ceremony.

Am I able to choose who I am partnered up with during the ceremony?

  • You are unable to choose your order. Seating is sorted by height then alphabetically. Due to unforeseen circumstances, sometimes the seating/order is not final till the ceremony.

What time do I have to report to the gym on the day of the commencement ceremony?

  • You must report by 4:30PM in the gym. Come to the gym fully dressed in graduation clothes. Carry your cap and gown; do not wear your cap and gown. Do not bring any personal belongings (keys, backpacks, purses, bags, phones, cameras etc., as no staff member will be responsible for them.

Can I bring anything with me into the gym the day of commencement?

  • Do not bring anything with you except for your cap & gown and you should be wearing the appropriate dress indicated in the Senior Expectation Forms. If you do bring anything with you (i.e. camera, phone, car keys, etc.), the items will be put in a bag and you will be able to pick them up after the ceremony.

Do I have to come already dressed to the gym before the ceremony?

  • Yes, you need to be in the appropriate dress code indicated in the Senior Expectation Forms. Please carry your cap & gown in your hand when entering the gym.

When do I receive my diploma?

  • Because we do not want you to lose your diploma in the nonstop happenings on commencement night, we do not put your official diploma in the diploma cover. You need to stop by the registrar's office on the date and time designated in the Senior Expectations Packet.

Where do I order photos of my graduate and/or a video of the ceremony?

  • Please click here for those details.

Will there be concessions sold before the ceremony?