Dress Code

If you need special accommodations regarding gown color or cost, please contact Ms. Kihara <rkihara@kkhs.k12.hi.us> or your grade-level counselor ASAP.

More details regarding commencement gear, click here.

Gowns for both men and women should be 8” – 10” from the floor (mid-calf). Seniors must try on their gown as soon as it is received in March. Exchanges can be made for gowns that do not fit. Take into consideration that gowns are full and sleeves are wide before returning a gown. Caps are one size fits most.

Caps are to be worn flat on top of the head and tassels to the right. Caps can be attached with bobby pins or tape.

Tassels, cords, honor cords and honor stoles will be distributed on Commencement Day just prior to the ceremony beginning. Diploma covers will be handed out during the ceremony.

Seniors not properly dressed according to the dress code will be removed from the line and will not participate in the ceremony.

All students:

    • No lei, ribbons, gloves, or excessive amounts of jewelry may be worn
    • No dark or sun glasses, no back packs, purses, cell phones, keys, cameras, etc., will be allowed
    • All caps and gowns must be clean and free of any decoration or markings
    • No gum chewing, eating, or drinking allowing during the ceremony
    • No carrying or displaying signs, posters, flags, or banners during the ceremony
    • Either teal gown w/ black tassel and black cord or black gown w/ teal tassel and teal cord

Under gowns, seniors may wear either:

Option A:

      • black dress or black skirt and black top
      • length may not be longer than the gown
      • black open or close-toed dress shoes or dressy sandals must be worn; any kind of
      • slippers or casual sandals are not acceptable
      • Due to the changing of our field, NO STILETTO TYPE, OR POINTED HEELS, will be allowed.
      • Corked-wedge heels are OK, as long as fabric part of shoe is ALL BLACK

Option B:

      • white long-sleeved, collared shirt
      • solid black tie - no bow ties
      • black dress pants, no black jeans
      • black dress shoes must be worn with black socks – no black sports shoes allowed