Golden Learning Centre

Grade 1

Grade 1 - 2018/2019

A beautiful fall day to enjoy the outdoor garden. We picked 7 pumpkins! We are wondering how much they weigh altogether?

Learning about the Life Cycle of Plants

Mrs. St. Jean joined the class to teach us about seeds. We were detectives and had to find the seeds in the different plants. Look at the BIG seeds from the sunflower!

Read to Self

Everyday we Read to Self to become a better reader. Look how we can find a quiet place to read.

Mrs. Boucha

Mrs. Boucha is a our wonderful classroom volunteer! She reads with students and assists around the classroom EVERYDAY! We are fortunate to have her assistance.

Zones of Regulation

We are learning about the Zones of Regulation in Grade 1. As students gain skills in regulating their emotions, this will in turn increase their self control and problem solving abilities.

Mrs. Grand

Mrs. Grand, an Occupational Therapist, will be working with our class every second week to teach us more about the Zones.