Katana recording

So simple recording with backing tracks so I can practice and play in Logic Pro X. Firstly, have the USB printer cable plugged into the Katana and into the computer more or less permanently having installed the Katana with the Katana Tone Studio.

Set Logic audio in to Katana and audio out to whatever your monitor speakers are coupled to, mine is a Presonus Firestudion mobile. Everything has to be switched on to achieve this. Also you can record with no Katana speaker sound if you leave in standby, so can record with just headphones or the monitors.

Load Logic, File>New Recording select Audio input 1 and 2 and output 1 and 2. The track will load, test your guitar sounds and monitor volume etc. When everything ok in stereo, save as template.

Then in future you can load New Recording from template select it and you are off and running. I usually select a second audio track the same, import an audio backing track to play over.

That's it now everytime you play switch it on, so you get used to having recording going without losing confidence because you are recording. The more you use it the more you will catch those things you wish had recorded before.