My review of my guitars, why I bought them, the good the bad things they offer and where next. I have only listed some of them. Here is the list of all my guitars:

1 Yamaha CPX500 II

2 Yamaha Pacifica Jack Thammarat - with Kiesel Beryillium pickups

3 Musicman Axis Super Sports

4 Ibanez AK95 - with Gibson 57 pickups

5 Fender Stratocaster Jeff Beck Signature

6 Fender Stratocaster Standard 2016 - with JJ pickups V12

7 Fender Telecaster Standard 2016 - with Arcane Allen Hinds Signature pickups

8 Gibson Les Paul Studio 2016 - with Seymour Duncan Whole Lotta pickups

9 Gibson Les Paul Special Double Cut 2016

10 Kiesel Vader V6X

11 PRS SE277 Baritone Guitar

12 Guild 12 String

13 Swing Telecaster

14 Jamstik Studio Midi Guitar

15 Ibanez Gary Willis 5 string fretless bass

16 Warwick Corvette 4 string bass

17 Waghorn Sauria S6 - with Suhr V60lp and SSV pickups

18 Gotar G4 C/CE - with Fishman Presys Blend piezo/mic