My review of my guitars, why I bought them, the good the bad things they offer and where next.  I have only listed some of them.  Here is the list of all my guitars:

1 Musicman Axis Super Sports

2 Fender Stratocaster Standard 2016 - with JJ pickups V12, Gotoh 510 trem, Schaller locking tuners

3 Gibson Les Paul Studio 2016 - with Seymour Duncan Whole Lotta pickups

4 Gibson Les Paul Special Double Cut 2016 JJpickups J90s

5 Jamstik Studio Midi Guitar

6 Warwick Corvette 4 string bass

7 Waghorn Sauria S6 - with Suhr V60lp and Thornbucker II pickups

8 Gotar G4 C/CE - with Fishman Presys Blend piezo/mic