My Rig

This area is just about the configuration and set up of my current rig.


I use three amps set up wet, dry, wet the wet in stereo:   Fender George Benson HotRod left wet, Vox MV50 Boutique centre dry and Marshall Origin 20 head right wet with Vox with Celestion G12M Greenback and G12M65, Marshall into Celestion G12 Anniversary and a Jensen C12K.

I can use my stereo guitar input or single using Mooer ABY, into Boss VP Jr passive Volume pedal, EHX Russian Green Muff, Catalanbread Belle Epoch, ProAnalog Logic Manticore 1, Customtones Ethos TWE-1, Kingsley Minstrel 2, into Wave X PS8 switcher, then split dry amp with Radial Bigshot ABY ground lift phase and ISO and then into  MXR Phase90 script, Mooer Trelcopter, TC Electronic Corona Mini Chorus, Mooer ElecLady Flanger, Boss ME80, then split stereo into Boss DC2W, TC Quintessence, Viscous Vibe, Mooer DT Ocean Machine, Timeline, HOF2.  left right wet amps.  All amps connected front of amp,  Marshall has a TC Hot reverb in the loop.

I use a mix of Planetwave, Evidence and Lava cables for the pedal boards. If the Lava ones give me problems I replace with soldered Planet waves.   I use Mogami platinum cables for the long runs.  I use 3 SKB PS8 powered pedal boards powering the low power pedals.  I use a Strymon Zuma to power the higher power like Minstrel, Timeline etc.

I have minimal amp hum due to house earthing.  


Currently I use the Boss Katana 100 with GF-AC foot controller for live gigs