BKK Guitar Gear Shops

All the Headings below have links

Yamaha, Celestion, Laney

Cin Guitars

Guild, Alvarez, Collings, effects pedals including Twimble. multiple shops

Has most guitar gear, keyboards, drums, electric drums

Toka guitars, Boutique Amps - Dr Z, Kornford, Marshall, Matchless, Carol- Ann, Fryette Boutique Guitars - Tom Andersen, Don Grosh, Knaggs, Vigier

Second hand everything

Specialises in Reverend Guitars, Victory amps, Atomic stuff, Sadowsky,

For all guitar news in Thai and for classified ads for second hand gear

Ibanez, Hughes Kettner, Aquila bass amps, Tama drums

Marshall amps distributor, PRS guitars

Jazz guitars in the main: Aiersi, D'Angelico, Eastman, Normandy,Peerless, Luna, Loar, Henrikson

Second hand everything

Mesa Boogie, PRS, Acoustic guitars - Taylor, Crafter, Yamaha, Martin, Parker Fly, Washburn and more

Fender, Gibson, Musicman, Epiphone, TC Electronic, Vox, Korg

Strymon, Vemuram, Mad Professor, Okko, Analogman, Free the tone, Providence, Bognor amps, Kiesel, Swing, Lots of niche pedals, Bare knuckle pickups

Pianos, violins, cellos, Lowden, Blueridge, Admira acoustic guitars

Several shops in Bangkok selling guitars, FX, amps, Keyboards and recording gear

Lots of pedal brands including niche ones dawner prince, xotic, Guitars - Chapman, Nash, Tom Andersen, Fender, Gibson, Barracuda, Sadowsky, Amps - Fuchs, Blackstar, drums DW

Amps - Morgan, Friedman, Swart, Mission, Kemper, Fractal Audio, Many pedal brands, Guitars - Dussenberg, John Page, D'Angelico, has separate Acoustic and Bass Guitar shop - Aquila, Ampeg, Rickenbacker

Suhr, Collings, Wampler

Main Roland and Boss distributor keeping all their equipment, acoustic guitars include Seagull, Takamine, electric Fernandes and Godin

Mainly Chinese products Gotar, Saers, Deewhy Nylon and acoustic guitars, Brass, Violins, drums etc