Waghorn Sauria S6

I collected my Waghorn Sauria S6 in June 2014 and now it is the main guitar I use.The Waghorn Sauria S6 http://www.waghornguitars.com/ pictures are in June 2014 gallery http://www.waghornguitars.com/electric/electricgallery.php

This guitar has African Mahogany and resonates like crazy compared to any guitar I have. The reason I chose this is I was impressed with the Suhr Modern Satin use of this wood and how it resonates. I am very pleased it turned out the same. I chose a 10 - 14 radius and 4.1mm at the nut (a la Axis) as I liked the Suhr originally D shaped neck. I added luminous dots as I have trouble seeing in the darker places. To add to its looks I requested a Spalted Maple top for looks and Tom did a fantastic job with the build of the guitar. He also shortened and stylised the tremolo as I wanted it. I went with the same pickups as Alex Hutchings AH6 (DiMarzio Air Norton S, True Velvet and Transition) as I love his sound and wanted to be able to reproduce it. However, I have replaced the neck with a SatchTrack and brige with a Mojo as I like Joe Satriani sound more. It has hipshot piezo saddled bridge using Graphtech Acousasonic electronics. The guitar has a stereo input. Tone control is a 16 way Stellartone, 5 way switch, volume control, a 3 way switch to have electronic, piezo or piezo and electronic with volume push pull control for piezo and piezo ghost.

When I had a class with Alex he emphasised posture and position of the guitar relative to your hand/arm as if having a foot rest and playing like a Spanish guitar in an upright position. So Tom positioned the strap buttons to balance the guitar so that it hangs naturally like that. I have replaced the fender strap locks that I hate with Ernie Ball ones, all my straps and guitars use these so it is easy to interchange straps. I have been using Mono straps, but now I am trying out a Neotech Slimline one with Memory foam for comfort. Strings wise it I use David Gilmour signature Ghs 10 -46. Alex I think uses 8s with a 16 radius. I wanted the guitar to be light and it weighs in at under 3kg. It would need to be a lot thinner and a lot more sculpted to get it to Parker Fly land which was the guitar I was replacing.

To support the piezo side I have acquired the Laney A1 Acoustic amp. This amp has full control of equalisation, pads to boost the tone of the piezo input and also has an array of FX suited to acoustic guitars. http://www.laney.co.uk/products/product_details/2

I use a Hosa stereo cable which has two inputs.

The switch that is magnetic, both and piezo only therefore controls output to both the amps.

If anyone is hesitating about getting one of Tom's guitars DON'T!