Waghorn Sauria S6

I collected my Waghorn Sauria S6 in June 2014 and now it is the main guitar I use.The Waghorn Sauria S6 http://www.waghornguitars.com/ pictures are in June 2014 gallery http://www.waghornguitars.com/electric/electricgallery.php

This guitar has African Mahogany and resonates like crazy compared to any guitar I have. The reason I chose this is I was impressed with the Suhr Modern Satin use of this wood and how it resonates. I am very pleased it turned out the same.  I chose a 10 - 14 radius and 4.1mm at the nut (a la Axis) as I liked the Suhr originally D shaped neck.  I added luminous dots as I have trouble seeing in the darker places.  To add to its looks I requested a Spalted Maple top for looks and Tom did a fantastic job with the build of the guitar.  He also shortened and stylised the tremolo as I wanted it.  I went with the same pickups as Alex Hutchings AH6 (DiMarzio Air Norton S, True Velvet and Transition) as I love his sound and wanted to be able to reproduce it. I also put in a Graphtech piezo, but have removed as too fiddley. I have replaced the neck with a Suhr V60LP, middle with Suhr V60LP and Thornbucker II in the bridge and electronic. I have a volume, Stellar Tone, 5 way selector, coil tap and blend in middle position between neck and bridge pickups. I have brass saddles on the bridge which gives that extra tele type twang.

When I had a class with Alex he emphasised posture and position of the guitar relative to your hand/arm as if having a foot rest and playing like a Spanish guitar in an upright position.  So Tom positioned the strap buttons to balance the guitar so that it hangs naturally like that.  I have replaced the fender strap locks that I hate with Ernie Ball ones, all my straps and guitars use these so it is easy to interchange straps.  I have been using Mono straps, but now I am trying out a Neotech Slimline one with Memory foam for comfort. Strings wise it I use David Gilmour Kurt Mangan nickel 10 -46.  Alex I think uses 8s with a 16 radius.  I wanted the guitar to be light and it weighs in at under 3kg.  It would need to be a lot thinner and a lot more sculpted to get it to Parker Fly land which was the guitar I was replacing.

If anyone is hesitating about getting one of Tom's guitars DON'T!