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Humbuckers Rock and Blues

I have 4 guitars with humbuckers and have done a lot of research into flavours.  I have an Ibanez AK95 Jazz guitar where I have installed Gibson 57 Classics for lush smooth jazz tones.  I have an Musicman Axis Super Sport with custom diMarzio humbuckers voiced for Van Hallen and similar rock/blues performances.  I have a Kiesel V6X with Kiesel Lithium pickups crystal clear and great for distortion cleaning up well when the guitar volume is backed off and last but, not least, Gibson Les Paul studio with Gibson 490R and 498T for classic rock tones.  For HSS guitars I have a diMarzio Mojo in one, Suhr SSV in the other.

Now again it comes to what sound you are looking for and again I favour the 1970s when the Les Paul, SG and such guitars dominated the scene in the humbucker era of rock and blues.  Now prior to that you have a focus on 1957 to 1959 with lower output  diMarzio 36th Anniversary, Seymour Duncan Antiquities, Seth Lovers. Lollar Imperials, Lindy Fralin Pure PAF, Arcane 57 Experience and only custom from Gibson.  In 2006 Gibson launched several guitars including the Jimmy Page Les Paul with custombuckers.  In 2013  Seymour Duncan launched the Whole Lotta Humbucker set a higher output designed specifically sounding like the 1970s era.  The following videos describe the pickups, but also the wiring Jimmy Page uses in his No1 Les Paul.

So there are many choices and I am only covering the era of where most folk focus on humbuckers for rock and blues.   Metal may be introduced in a different section.

YouTube Video

YouTube Video