Analogman KXOXT King of Tone Hi Gain - First Quick Review

Post date: 22-Dec-2017 09:27:15

Arrived today! This is a great pedal and I was kinda apprehensive about it given I waited 21 months. Apart from Snobel there are very few reviews of a professional nature, so I was going by what my friend Tim Payne a blues guitarist had said to me some 10 years ago!

On the way back from picking it up, I though I wonder if I could swop it for say a Mobius which is on my list as well as a midi switcher.

Sure enough this is an almost transparent pedal. I find it applies warmth to your tone whether its single coil, humbuckers or split humbuckers. To date I have tested it with Suhr V70 and SSV pickups because they are more vintage than most of my pickups. When I get my tele back from the tech that is next up.

The KXOXT are the mods, 4 jack, 3 way switch for gain side and High Gain. Firstly the boost side is interesting, it adds warmth to your tone no matter where you put the tone control. To compare to my J Rockett Archer which adds treble normally I would say it is harder to dial in complete transparency, it has a natural warmth to it that you are either going to like or dislike. The Suhr pickups are more trebley so it suits them well.

The 3 position switch changes volume more than it changes gain or tone. So I would say in the bottom position it sounds more powerful! I will continually update this post as I trial other guitars with humbuckers and other single coil guitars.

I really do like the boost side and have tried it boosting my Xotic Soul Driven, Kingsley Minstrel 2 and OCD. I use this boost to introduce warmth into the equation or use the Archer to introduce treble. That gives me a huge range of gain overdrive. I have it positioned the same as in the KOT after the overdrive not before. Yet to try that. Normally my ears tell me that after the overdrive pedal sounds clearer and more predominant.

I have now sold the KXOXT as I focus on less overdrive pedals.