The 2019-2020 subscriptions are broken into 3 main categories: Curriculum, Educational Apps, and Resources.

The suggested grade range and retail value is listed for each.

The OSP subscriptions are FREE for students who opt-in to the OSP package.

Please click on the Hyperlinked title of each subscription below for more information on the individual subscription!


This group of subscriptions offer students full curriculum options; some cover the four core subjects and others are a single subject curriculum option.

Selecting a subscription from the Curriculum section for the OSP frees up Instructional Funds that would otherwise be used to purchase curriculum.

TK/3rd Retail Value: $59

ABC Mouse is a full online curriculum for students up through 3rd grade. It includes reading, math, science, and art & colors and can be accessed via computer as well as mobile devices.

2nd-5th Retail Value: $96

A full online math curriculum for students in grades 2nd-5th. Includes online guidebooks for student and parent use. Great online curriculum for homeschoolers, provides a fun way to learn for students.

Discovery Education Science Techbooks are full online science courses for grades K through 12th. Access to the Science Techbook also includes their Steaming Plus service, which gives supplemental online content in a variety of subjects and grade levels

TK-12th Retail Value: $200

Elephango is a TK-12th grade home-school curriculum resource. It caters to students' needs based on their learning style and allows parents to filter and find lessons based on grade-level, subject, resource type, and even amount of completion time.

TK-8 Retail Value: $99

An online curriculum used to find and fix learning gaps in students' grades K through 8th. Subjects include math, reading/language, social studies, and science. It includes Moby Learning and Assessments which both work to catch students up to grade level.

TK-12th Retail Value: $169

Access to the Rosetta Stone Language Learning Suite, students will get to pick from 24 language courses set at their grade level. Rosetta Stone Foundations focuses on teaching the fundamentals to students. High School students can also earn A-G credit for the Spanish, French, and German courses.

6th-12th Retail Value: $150

Full semester courses for grades 6th through 8th grade in English, math, social studies, and science as well as novel studies. High school courses include English, math, history, and science and many more. It also includes Shmoop’s response to intervention and college readiness test prep.

TK-12th Retail Value: $240-360

Complete curriculum for math, science. social studies, and science for grades TK-8th. High schoolers are able to select 4 different courses at once from the high school courses in math, language arts, history, and science.

educational apps

The Educational Apps category is a great way to add on supplemental material to pair with your curriculum, or, provide students choose a fun way to learn and practice their skills in a variety of subject areas.

3rd-12th Retail Value: $240

Access to all Adobe desktop and mobile apps, including Photoshop, Lightroom, and Acrobat. A great resource for students interested in photo and video editing and much more!

3rd-8th Retail Value: $59

From the creators of ABC Mouse comes this new elementary and middle school learning program. It includes reading, math, science, and more set to an immersive online gaming platform.

TK-8th Retail Value: $220

BrainPOP is an video resource for a variety of topics that are fun and engaging for students. Includes access to BrainPOP movies and quizzes. Includes BrainPOP, BrainPOP Jr., and BrainPOP in Spanish and French.

TK-8th Retail Value: $100

Adaptive online math program designed to help students close the achievement gap. Is game-like for students and offers them an engaging learning environment.

TK-8th Retail Value: $120

Online learning platform that engages students with educational hip-hop videos in every grade and subject level. Also focuses on developing important vocabulary for every topic.

3rd-12th Retail Value: $140

Online resource that checks spelling as well as grammar in all online platforms. Can also be used to upload essays/papers for grammar review.

TK-12th Retail Value: $159

Immersive and adaptive learned in core subject areas for grades TK-12th. Gives a personalized learning experience to give students additional help in the core subject areas.

3rd-8th Retail Value: $159

Customizable resource for science and social studies. Includes 150 units and 1,500 topics

3rd-12th Retail Value: $240

Access to more than 70 languages. Prepares users for real world conversations in the languages.

3rd-12th Not available for retail

Now available through the OSP, Minecraft: Education Edition gives you access to lessons and resources for students to use in an educational way in the game of Minecraft!

TK-12th Not available for retail

MyON Reader and News is an online resource for books and current news. It also includes access to Accelerated Reader. MyON Reader is a digital library and books can also be downloaded to tablets or computers for use when no internet is available.

1st-8th Retail Value: $60

Prodigy is an online game-style math app. The OSP includes Premium membership, which gives extra features and fun rewards

TK-8th Retail Value: $59

Reading Eggs and MathSeeds are resources that help students read and practice math skills. Is in a game format so it is fun for students to use!

K-10th Retail Value: $120

Tynker includes beginner to advances courses that teachers students different types of coding. It now includes Tynker Jr. for younger students.

TK-12th Not available for retail sale

Keyboarding and technology curriculum for all grades. Also includes introductory coding lessons and digital literacy.

K-12th Retail Value: $35

Customizable game-play that offers practice in spelling, vocabulary, and phonics. Includes word lists for PreK through 12th, and allows you to add your own word lists.


The subscriptions in the resources section are tools you can use to enhance your student's learning experience while at Inspire. They can be used to supplement curriculum and give additional help in all subject areas.

TK-5th Retail Value: $60

Premium access to online worksheets and printables for grades TK-5th. Also includes customizable curriculum option.

3rd-12th Not available for retail sale

Live text based tutoring for all grade levels and across all subjects. GradeSlam allows students to type or upload a photo/document of their question(s), they then converse via chat with the tutor. Also includes Essay Review where students can upload written assignments and will receive feedback within 24 hours.

3rd-12th Approx. Retail Value: $1,428

Live online tutoring accessible 24/7 for every grade and subject level. Allows video, sound, and screen sharing. You are able to set up scheduled tutoring sessions. All tutors who are in contact with Inspire students have been approved through Inspire's vendor approval process.