Green Bellevue Announces New Leadership

posted Apr 14, 2019, 7:36 AM by Ruth Richter

Bellevue, NE, April 13, 2019 - Green Bellevue announced the election of new officers for the first time in its nine years.  Sharon Rea, Assistant Dean at Bellevue University has been elected President, Michelle Foss, Manager of Stewardship and Research for Fontenelle Forest has been elected Vice President, and Jennifer Hulscher, Owner of Affordable Bookkeeping and Office Solutions has been elected Treasurer.

Outgoing officers, Don Preister, Immediate Past President, Ruth Richter, Immediate Past VP, and Tom Mruz, Immediate Past Treasurer are all continuing as board members.  “We met as a board for planning in 2018 and the succession of officers became a top priority.  Turning officers over every 2-4 years is important for sustainability of our organization and gives the ability for growth through new vision and leadership,” said Preister.  This discussion sparked the interest of two new members, and after consideration over a few months, the two accepted nominations for the two leading roles.  In April, the group elected the new Treasurer.  “When we discussed the potential for Green Bellevue to grow through succession of leadership, I realized the contribution I could make if I took a little larger step up to an executive role,” said Rea.    

Having grown up at the edge of Fontenelle Forest, Rea developed a love of nature and a lifestyle of conservation and environment protection.  “I have a desire to get the word out about Green Bellevue even further, especially to the young people,” said Rea.  “Through education, people are empowered to take part in the solution, and therefore education is an important initiative of Green Bellevue that I plan to continue.”  Green Bellevue brings high quality experts to present at monthly educational meeting, which are now taking place at Bellevue University’s Hitchcock Humanities building.  Rea has begun livestreaming the meetings compliments of Bellevue University’s resources. Green Bellevue has also been organizing the county-wide Earth Day each April, the educational Expo will take place on April 28th this year and this initiative will continue to be a mainstay of the organization’s activities each year. 

Other primary initiatives for the coming year include educating and advocating for landfill diversion with Zero Waste initiatives, including a future composting initiative; planting trees, planting and maintaining gardens for harvesting seeds, to attract/feed pollinators and to divert rain water runoff and promoting community solar energy.  The organization will celebrate its ten-year forming anniversary in September. 

About Green Bellevue

Green Bellevue started as a Mayor-appointed green team, holding its first meeting in September 2009.   Green Bellevue incorporated as a 501(c)3 organization in May 2010.  The organization is mainly comprised of volunteers who work with the support of our city leaders to promote a more beautiful and environmentally friendly community. It is a grassroots effort comprised of individual citizens, businesses and organizations, schools, and public entities from Bellevue, Sarpy County, and the greater metro area. Green Bellevue helps individuals and groups undertake programs to enhance our neighborhoods, preserve our natural resources, and foster stewardship of our environment.

Contact: Ruth Richter

Tel: 402-880-7580