Camp Fees

Full week of camp (5 nights): $475

Shortened week—2,3,4 only (4 nights): $380

Day Family Camp:

Family of 2: $50

Family of 3: $75

Family of 4: $100

Overnight Family Camp (1 night):

Family of 2: $100

Family of 3: $200

Family of 4: $300

Gales Creek Camp Foundation is a not-for-profit organization. We fundraise year-around to keep camp fees as low as possible so all children have access to a great summer camp experience regardless of their family's financial situation. We are proud to be one of the lowest costs camps in the United States, even among non-medical camps.

Gales Creek Camp is committed to erasing financial barriers to camp. Families and kids with a type 1 have enough to worry about. Please remember that we offer financial aid, including pay-what-you-can camperships, for families who need them. Click here to learn more or apply for a campership.