FITDIL Step-by-Step User Guide



  • Searching Images

  • Creating/Editing Presentations

  • Accessing Presentations

  • Login Page

  • FITDIL Navigation Toolbar

Search/Browse/View Records

  • Explore (Discover>Explore)

    • Search Functions

    • Tips on Keyword Search

    • Using Search Filter Boxes (Facets)

    • Filter Box Menu Headings and Metadata Field

  • Browse (Discover>Browse)

  • Collection Overview (Discover>Overview)

  • Navigating Search Results

  • Viewing the Full Record

Presentations (Slideshows)

  • Selecting Images

  • Saving Selected Images in New Presentations

  • Working with Your Existing Presentations

  • Edit Presentation Page

  • Adding More Images to an Existing Presentation

  • Permissions

  • Browse Presentations

  • Online Media Viewer

  • Generating URL

  • Actions Menu - Four Download Options

Additional Features

  • Tags

  • Your Favorites

  • Create Item/Your Content

Image credits:

(From top left) Library Exhibits & Displays Collection, Nature as Muse, lb_ed_000906; Library Designer Slides Collection, Fashions of Christian Dior, lb_ds_dif_000202; Art History Collection, Wall Painting of Cubiculum (Style II) at Villa of Mysteries, Pompeii, HA0058970; Special Collections and College Archives Collection, Morning Carriage Dress, Fashion Plate from La Belle Assemblée, 1813, lb_sc_000376; Student Work - Jewelry Design Collection, Fashion Suite - Necklace, Cuff Bracelet, Earring and Ring by JinHee Lee (2011), ex_jd_000141; Student Work - Fine Arts Collection, End of Semester Cluster Review (2010), sl_fa_000049; Student Work (Graduate) - Fashion and Textile Studies: History, Theory, Museum Practice Collection, Exhibition View of Vivienne Westwood, 1980-89, sl_ft_000008; Student Work - Textile/Surface Design Collection, Printed Fabric Collection by Deborah Kang (2010), sl_sd_000018; FIT Bannerstone Project Collection, Knobbed Lunate type bannerstone, 6000-1000BCE, HABA_13_105d4

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