FITDIL Quick Start Guide

To Get Started:

  • FIT users - Please log in with your FIT username (firstname_lastname) and password. All FIT users can view all contents in FITDIL, download images from the Art History and Library collections, and create slideshows for personal use.

  • FIT faculty users - Please contact us to add faculty features to your account in addition to the general user privileges. FIT faculty users have additional access to download images from student and faculty & staff work collections and publish slideshows to share with the FIT community.

  • Non-FIT users (guest users) - Non-FIT users can access open collections in FITDIL. The open collections include the FIT Library collections and Bannerstone Project collection. Click on the Guest Access button. You can also start by clicking on "Discover" at the top toolbar.

This page provides the basic information. For more detailed instructions, please refer to each section of FITDIL Step-by-Step Guide.

Searching Images

FITDIL Navigation Toolbar

The navigation toolbar is located at the top of each page.

Bring the mouse over Discover, Organize (available for login users only), or Experience on the FITDIL navigation toolbar to view menu under in each category. Use the Search box to do a simple keyword search from any page in FITDIL.

Basic Search 1 - Explore

Bring the mouse over Discover on the FITDIL toolbar and click on Explore from the drop-down menu (or simply click on Discover on the toolbar). This will initially bring up all images available in FITDIL, depending on your user category and login status (see above at To Get Started).

Available options on the top menu of the Explore page:

      • Number of hits

      • Display: Thumbnails, List, or Metadata views, and Sort by Title, Creator, Date, Identifier, etc.

      • Select all on page (for adding to presentations)

      • Selected items: Delete or Add to presentation (regular users do not have permissions to delete any record)

The search facet box column (Keywords, Collection, Creator, Date, etc.) is located at the right side of the page.

To perform your search and refine the results:

      • Use the "Keywords" box at the top of the right-hand column to filter results by free text keyword(s).

      • Click on the headings, such as Collection, Creator, Date, etc., and open the list under each heading, and select a term/phrase in any of the search boxes at the right-hand facets.

To view the record at each image thumbnail:

      • Hover the mouse over to the “i” information icon to bring up an image’s metadata.

      • Click on any image to view the larger image in the pop-up image window.

      • Click on the Title text next to the thumbnail to open the record page to view the full record.

Record Page

Once you click on the Title text, the record page will open, and you can view the detailed information for the image/media (metadata).

In the right-hand menu, you will see the thumbnail, tags, and type of media.

Click on the thumbnail image to view the larger image or open the video/PDF viewer page.

Basic Search 2 - Browse Collections

You can also find items by using the browse function. This function is useful when you know what collection you would like to look into.

Bring the mouse over Discover on the toolbar, and click on Browse.

On the Browse Collections page, click to open the drop-down menu at “Collection” and “Fields,” and select a collection and a field to browse the text contents.

For more information about the collections, go to the Overview page.

Creating/Editing Presentations

FIT faculty and staff members with the faculty privilege can create and publish the presentation. Non faculty FIT users can create a presentation for their own use, but cannot publish to share it with others. Presentations are not available for non-login users.

Step 1.

On the search results page (Explore page), select images by clicking on the checkbox at each image.

          • The selected images will be collected in the basket located at the right corner on the Toolbar.

          • Click on the basket to Show, Hide, Explore or Clear the contents in the basket.

Step 2.

Once you have selected images, click on “Selected Items” > “Add to Presentation” on the menu bar, or bring the mouse to “Organize” on the Toolbar and click on “Your Presentations.” This will bring you to the Manage Presentations page where you can edit existing presentations or create a new one.

          • If you would like to create a new presentation with your selected images, click Create new presentation at the menu bar at the upper part of the page. This will bring you to the Create new presentation page where you can enter the title, assign tags, and choose whether or not you grant access to other users (faculty only). Click Create to proceed.

          • If you would like to add the images to an existing presentation, find the presentation from the list, bring the mouse pointer to the right side of the presentation, and click Add selected items.

Step 3.

The above step will bring you to the Presentation Properties page. Available actions on this page are:

          • Drag and drop your thumbnails to rearrange the image order.

          • Click on a title of a slide to view the larger image, and with the option to display metadata from the “i” information icon.

          • Select a slide to add an Annotation that will appear below the metadata in your presentation.

          • Available actions from the menu bar located at the upper part of the page:

                • Save changes.

                • Undo changes to go back before changes are made.

                • Show / Hide images from the presentation. Select an image and click on Hide, and the image should appear to only you and not to other users. A hidden image will be faded and marked as [hidden].

                • Duplicate to copy an image if you want it to appear more than once.

                • Delete to remove an image from this presentation.

                • Add to Basket to save a selected image(s) in your basket. The image will still remain in your presentation. The image in the basket will remain until you log out from FITDIL (Note: If you are inactive for 60 minutes, you will be automatically logged out).

                • Add all from Basket to add all selections to your presentation. To add individual images from your basket, simply drag and drop them into the presentation slide pool.

          • Properties section:

                • Edit Title, Description, etc., and assign or remove tags from your presentation.

                • Use the menu under Actions (right-hand column) to view the presentation on the web-based Media Viewer, download the set of images (Package Files), create PDF files with print view and flashcards, and generate a PowerPoint file for the presentation.

                • Set the permissions (faculty only).

          • Remember to Save or Update before navigating to another page.

Add More Images to Your Existing Presentation

        1. Go back to the Explore page, and perform your search.

        2. Make selections from the search results.

        3. Bring the mouse over Organize and select Edit [title of the previously worked presentation] from the drop-down to go back to the Edit page of the slideshow you last worked with. From here you can add more images to your presentation.

Accessing Presentations

Bring the mouse over Experience on the Toolbar, and click Browse Presentations from the drop-down menu.

        • The list of presentations include all presentations that are available for you, including presentations that you have created and that others have granted access to you.

        • Use the search facet boxes at the right-hand column to search presentations.

            • Presenters list names of creators for presentations (i.e., faculty member). If you only see limited number of presenters (or none), click on Reset Search at the bottom of the column to clear the filter. Find your instructor in the Presenters box on the right, and click on his/her name.

            • Use Tags box to select the tag that was given by the presenter.

        • Bring the mouse over the presentation you would like to view.

            • Click “View” to view the presentation using the online MediaViewer.

            • Click the down arrow to see additional options:

                  • Click “Flash Cards” to create a PDF of flash cards to study.

                  • Click “Print View” to create a PDF printout of the presentation.