Letter from Lisa Shifflett, VCCA President



Welcome to the Virginia Community Colleges Association!


As President, my focus is to keep the momentum going from last year’s conference and keep us connected throughout the year by offering various professional development opportunities, resources, and support to help strengthen and grow our membership.


My goal is for each person that attended the conference last year to bring one new member with them next year to celebrate our 40th Anniversary! I want everyone to share their insight on all of the wonderful speakers and sessions they attended last year as well as the incredible networking opportunities to collaborate with colleagues from around the state and share important ideas and strategies to ensure our students success.


The VCCA is the longest-serving professional development organization in the Virginia Community Colleges System (VCCS). Our mission is to enrich community college education in Virginia through professional growth and development activities.


Our past 40 years of success and longevity come from providing a strong, unified voice supporting the community college mission, programs, and services to ensure student success at all of our institutes.


I have been a member of this association for the past 12 years and have served in numerous positions on the Executive Committee. I am very passionate about this association and my motivation as President this term is to grow and strengthen our membership.


Our membership is open to all employees of the VCCS, faculty, staff, and administrators. We also have membership options available for college alumni, board members, and friends of the VCCS. VCCA membership is unique as we are the only organization that offers professional development resources and networking opportunities for both faculty and staff to share ideas and collaborate at the annual conference and regional workshops.


Please feel free to contact me at if you have any questions or concerns. I would also love to hear any ideas you may have for growing the VCCA and professional development opportunities we may be able to sponsor as future events.


I look forward to serving you and keeping us connected as we all work to grow the VCCA!