Faculty and Instructional Affairs

"Teaching Effectively in a Rapidly Changing World"

Registration open until January 25th, 2019

Friday, February 1st, 2019 at BRCC's Plecker Center from 9:30-1:15--Brief Commission meeting from 1:15-2pm

Krista Terry is an Associate Professor in the department of Leadership and Educational Studies at Appalachian State University where she teaches online courses in the Educational Media and Higher Education program areas. She was a former Faculty Fellow in the University of North Carolina System Office and is a Distinguished Fellow and past president of the International Society of Exploring Teaching and Learning (ISETL). Her teaching and scholarly work is focused on applies models of design and evidence-based methods of instruction to create engaging learning environments across online, face to face, and professional development settings.

Facilitating Deep and Meaningful Learning in a Digital World As new technologies continue to emerge and new methods of delivering instruction become more commonplace, how do we as instructors, know which strategies, methods, or technologies to choose to best facilitate student learning? As our student demographics change, identifying methods and strategies that work for all of our students is evermore challenging. How then, can we develop a purposeful pedagogical approach in which we can match instructional strategies with the affordances of emerging technologies in order to facilitate deep and meaningful learning for all? How do we know when to embrace new tools, or keep current practices intact? Which strategies do we adopt, and which do we question? During this keynote address, participants will be actively engaged with identifying technologies, strategies and approaches to meet the learning needs of their students. Audience members will be engaged with discussing key foundational principles of pedagogy that can help us remain purposeful as we strive to facilitate active, engaged learning experiences for our students.

Dave Urso was born and raised near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He lived in Philadelphia until leaving to attend college at James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia. Dave received a Bachelor’s in Conflict Resolution and a Master’s in Educational Psychology from JMU. After graduate school, Dave spent 8 years working at Lord Fairfax Community College in Virginia, where he served in student affairs and the educational foundation. While working at LFCC, Dave completed a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership from Colorado State University. Currently, Dave works as the Dean of Academic Affairs at Blue Ridge Community College in Weyers Cave, Virginia. He and his wife, Carrie, run Dynamic Consulting, a company dedicated to infusing nonprofits with innovation, education, and inspiration.

Serving the Whole Student As society is changing at a nearly unprecedented pace, so too is our student body. Understanding the multiple factors that are currently influencing the student experience is a vital first step in helping them succeed. In this conversation, we’ll explore what today’s students are thinking and doing, and how we can capitalize on this information to better partner with them to change their journey for the better.