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Faculty and Instructional Affairs


Faculty/Instructional Affairs Commission Meeting Speaker – Sept. 28th at the VCCA Annual Conference

Amanda BurbageAmanda Burbage
Faculty Professional Development Manager
Tidewater Community College – Portsmouth Campus

Amanda Burbage is the Faculty Professional Development Manager at Tidewater Community College.  In her work at TCC, she supports faculty and administrators with instructional design, delivery and effectiveness, often through the facilitation of a session or providing one-on-one consultations for those looking to make teaching improvements.  Amanda has also been an instructor at TCC since 2010, teaching classes in all modalities and schedules on the topics of 20th century culture, popular culture, and critical thinking.  She graduated with a Master of Arts in Humanities and a Bachelor of Science in Communication & Sociology from Old Dominion University.  Amanda has been in the adult education industry since 2001, focusing on teaching practices, human performance, communication skills for the workplace and for relationships, and crisis prevention.  She has provided over 8,000 hours of professional development training.  Amanda has also been a Virginia Supreme Court Certified Mentor Mediator for nearly 17 years.  With over 350 hours of mediation experience, Amanda specializes in organizational facilitation for problem-solving, group visioning, and family conflict.   

The Habit of Retention
In today's higher education climate of low-enrollment, shrinking government funding, and higher expectations from "students as customers", the focus on retention is relevant.  However, with all the "talk" on retention, do we know how to "do" retention?  Let's examine a few of the research supported practices on retention and discuss the specifics of how faculty, administrators and counselors perform retention strategies.  Is retention something extra that we have to do, or can we make it a habit that is integrated into our standard operating procedures?