What Is The VCCA? - Why Should I Join?

The Virginia Community Colleges Association (VCCA) is your professional organization. Membership is open to community college personnel, alumni, board members, and friends of the VCCS.

The VCCA serves as a conduit allowing us to network with each other and to keep abreast of changes in education. In all of the 23 Virginia community colleges, our primary function is the same - to educate those who walk through our doors. We perform this task with pride, because that is who we are. Our jobs and responsibilities are numerous, and we each have unique functions. However, we need each other to accomplish the mission and vision to which our colleges are dedicated.

We are fortunate to have the VCCA through which to educate ourselves. After all, our respective colleges are places of higher learning - we should not let our minds grow stagnant. Rejuvenation and continuing education are important contributors toward fulfillment in the workplace. We have many excellent opportunities through the VCCA, and you are encouraged to take an active role in your own personal and professional growth.

How Do I Join?

Fill out the Online or Paper Membership Application on our Home page, The VCCA membership year is January 1 to December 31.

What Will It Cost Me?

Annual membership fees:

    • $25 Faculty, Adjunct Faculty, and Support Staff
    • $5 Associate - Associate member status is extended to “friends of the Virginia Community College System” and at this time includes former students, member of Boards, spouses of members, other professional educators, and/or those (an individual or organization) who have an interest in the future of the VCCS and the VCCA.

Institutional Membership

    • 0 - 500 - $400
    • 501 – 1,000 - $500
    • 1,001 – 2,000 - $600
    • 2,001 – 3,000 - $700
    • 3,001 – 5,000 - $900
    • 5,001 – 7,000 - $1000
    • 7,001 – up - $1100

VCCA Membership is coordinated through the VCCA Treasurer and the VCCA Membership Liaison. The College Contacts assist the Treasurer and Membership Liaison in conducting the annual membership drive in March of each year. Contacts at each institution forward the membership lists and dues to the VCCA Treasurer. When possible, the College Contact will coordinate payment of membership dues with the College Business Office to cut one check payable to the VCCA Treasurer (rather than individual checks from individual members).

A database is maintained by the VCCA Membership Liaison of members, date of membership, and classification of the membership by college. This membership list is available to college contacts upon request to the Membership Liaison.

Based on certified membership per institution, the VCCA Treasurer and the VCCA Treasurer/Membership Liaison determine the number of voting delegates for each institution for credentials at the Assembly of Delegates for the annual VCCA conference. Note: Individual and institutional dues must be current at the time of the VCCA annual conference. in order to provide voting credentials for all voting delegates to the convention.