Professional Development Funds

Exempt & Classified Staff Professional Development
Funding Guidelines

Overview:  Classified and exempt employees can apply for funds to attend professional development activities. Examples of such activities include: workshops, classes, conferences, and online courses. Professional Development funds cannot be used for text books or software. Applications must be submitted to ODET for review by the Professional Development Fund Committee Members who sit on the ODET Council.

Application and Review Process:

Step 1. A Professional Development Funds Application must be filled out, signed and email to Avery Christenson at  along with information about the training. Click here for  APPLICATION    Either print or fill out the application online.  Click on Download after opened application. Fill in blanks, then print and add signatures.

If you are looking for training that may further your professional goals, here are   CONFERENCE/WORKSHOP LINKS

Step 2: Complete the Individual Development Plan (IDP) form. Either print or fill out the form online. Click on Download, print, and add signatures. Email signed and completed IDP to Avery Christenson at

 Step 3. Applications are reviewed and approved/denied by the Professional Development Funds Committee members. Please allow up to 1 week for the application to be reviewed by the committee. The committee will follow the guidelines listed below in reviewing applications.

Step 4. Employees will be notified of their application status by ODET. Please remember that registration and travel paperwork is the responsibility of the employee. All paperwork using the Professional Development budget code must be signed by Chris Hudyma, the budget authority. PLEASE SEND ALL PAPERWORK TO ODET FOR SIGNATURE. Click here foPROCESSING/REIMBURSEMENT 

Step 5: If funds are awarded, the employee must complete a SUMMARY OF LEARNING and return it to the ODET Office within one month of attending the activity.

Approval Guidelines:

  • Funds are limited to $500 per person/per fiscal year on a first come, first serve basis until funds are expended.
  • Funds will be awarded within the same fiscal year as approved only.
  • The applicant must have a current Individual Development Plan on file with ODET.
  • Applications will not be approved for employees requesting to attend the same professional development activity in consecutive years.
  • The professional development activities must relate either to the employee’s current job or career track. Professional development with take precedence over personal development.
  • A limit of two employees from the same department will be granted approval for funds.
  • If the application is approved, the employee is required to submit a one page Summary of Learning to the ODET Office within one month of attending the professional development activity. This documentation will be added to the employee’s application and reviewed by the committee at the end of the year. This information will be used to document the return on investment of providing employees access to professional development funds. Future requests for funding will not be approved for employees who do not have this documentation on file.

Updated 9.20.17